OPM: Amy Review

Young children and hi-tech gadgets are never a good combination, but this is ridiculous. No sooner has a fancy new tablet been thrust into the hands of titular eight-year-old Amy than a train crashes, a ticket inspector knocks you out, and the whole world turns into flesh-eating zombies. And you thought it was bad when they drew on the walls or punched you in the gentleman’s area at the supermarket.

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Ninver2380d ago

Damn another failure. I was really hoping Amy would rejuvenate the survival horror genre *sigh*

ThichQuangDuck2380d ago

New silent hill looks like what you want

Pozzle2380d ago

Same here. I was a bit cautious about some gameplay videos I'd seen, but I was expecting at least 7/10 type of scores. Not 4/10! D:

shammgod2380d ago

Yikes...two bad reviews. I am going to have to keep an eye on this but I was highly anticipating this. Bad for even $10?

lodossrage2380d ago

Some of you should really learn to try games from first hand experience rather than having an opinion and an arbitrary number tell you whether a game is good or not.

And before anyone ways "i can't waste my money blah blah blah", you can rent, you can play at a friend's house, etc. Regardless of how you do it, have an opinion of your own and stop being sheep.

Soldierone2380d ago

It's a digital game, and the ability to "try" games is slowly disapearing. Normally this is where Demo's come in, but even those are lacking.

Physical games have online passes, so we can't try those. And games like this we can no longer "share" with someone so the bite isn't as hard.

I agree entirely that people need to try games before jumping on these bandwagons of hate, but the developers are not making that easy.

lodossrage2380d ago

While most of what you said is true. Those are only recent excuses for what "gamers" have been doing for years.

Even without digital games and before online passes, how many times have we seen "oh I only trust so and so's review" or "I'll wait till (insert name here) gives it a score before I buy it.

Laxman2380d ago

Unless of course if you play your digital titles on the Xbox 360, as there is a trial version of every single XBLA game released.

Soldierone2380d ago

Yeah like I said I agree entirely with your overall comment.

i'm just saying I too am like that, I gotta try it before I say something is good or bad, but you gotta admit its getting hard to simply "try" things these days.

Soldierone2380d ago

Sucks. Game looked good and promising and I wanted it until all the BS about only PSN getting a price increase. Didn't see it on the store so I bought Crysis for 10 bucks instead.

DigitalRaptor2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Gotta say, poor Vector Cell. Firstly the pricing debate and now this.

It can't be THAT bad, and at $10 it's gotta be a pretty decent indie game. I dunno. I'll reserve judgement until I've played the demo.