So will Nintendo ever beat the Playstation 2?

TecStories writes: Playstation 2 remains unchallenged by the current generation of home consoles boosting an impressive LTD sales of 153 million units. The Nintendo DS has sold over 150 million units but is not classified as a home console and has not surpassed the Playstation 2 yet. Will Nintendo find a way to surpass the previous generations king?

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Titanz2322d ago

In this day and age - all those popular 3rd party games that propelled the the PS2 to the top selling console in history, are multiplatform titles now.

The NDS achieved those sales, though it isn't a console-based gaming system.

Misterhbk2322d ago

The DS had a chance to outsell the PS2 until Nintendo cannibalized sales by dropping the price of the 3DS. the original DS will be dead now sales wise so I doubt it'll surpass the PS2 which is still selling to this day! What a beast of a system!

Titanz2322d ago

Though, like I said - it isn't a gaming console, therefor it shouldn't really count.

darthv722322d ago

Sure the wii is way up there but it is on a decline and with nintendo readying the wii-u it will only show the wii has peaked.

The trend now is portability even at the sacrifice of fidelity. Its more convenient to game on the go these days and nintendo and sony both know that to be relevant in the portable market you have to be able to do much much more than games.

That is to say the ds showed a shift in gaming preference by selling incredible numbers to those who arent always at home playing on a tv but keeping their gaming habits alive while being mobile. No surprise the smart phone makers studied that trend and found a way to incorporate entertainment into their products to steal market share from dedicated units.

I used to laugh at people who said gaming on their phone would take over because I knew the limitations of the platforms. Now I realize its like the early days of consoles like the NES and genesis. Hardware may have limits but the creativity of the developers dont and they will find ways to make their ideas come to fruition.

I truely believe a dedicated platform is best for gaming but in the short time there have been some rather impressive improvements to the mobile market that will give dedicated gaming a serious run primarily due to convenience. Today's consumer is more about convenience and simplicity in having what they need most at their fingers. Games included.

Nintendo beating sony isnt the issue. both need to take a serious look at the changing face of gaming around them or they will be left behind.

miyamoto2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I say dont believe these numbers the media releases . You cant really be sure if they ate true. Enjoy your games not sales figures. And dont get into word wars about figures you are not 100 % sure if true. And do not let anyone tell you a game is better coz it sold gazilion times more than your favorite game. Dont let them rob you of your enjoyment even if you suck on playing it.

metsgaming2322d ago

if the Wii cant do it then nothing will.

dark-hollow2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

If the wii had 3rd party support then it could have ps2-like sales.

I mean they are missing very huge titles like final fantasy, gta iv, resident evil 5, call of duty, red dead and a gazillion more.

Managing to sell 90 million without those titles is really imprssive.
Its like nintendo can survive by relying on their first party developers alone.
Something that is very hard for sony to do and impossible for microsoft.

StraightPath2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

PS3 couldn't repeat the awesome days of PS2. While Xbox and GC had their own respective quality games. PS2 was the console of choice at that time. But now everything changed. DS already beat lifetime sales of PS2 in japan didnt already beat PS2 lifetime sales worldwide?

Ddouble2322d ago

DS hasn't passed the PS2. If your using VGchartz for PS2 sales then don't bother as they don't track it properly.

It was on track to beat it but 3DS stopped it.

MariaHelFutura2322d ago

Incorrect. The wii has a astounding ammount of 3rd party support, a lot of them just weren't that memorable or good for the matter.

GraveLord2322d ago

It had all the 3rd party support because it was the best selling console(by a long shot).

With Microsoft now in the console wars I don't see any console dominating like the PS2 did. it would take something revolutionary.

n4f2322d ago

nintendo could easily do ps2 sales if they plan to keep the wii like sony did for over 10years.

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Colwyn2322d ago

Quality is what matters

Megaman_nerd2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

The thing is that the PS2 has quantity and quality too!

Bundi2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Last gen PS2 just plain killed it. Xbox was new and didn't release in most countries. And I have no idea what happened with Nintendo
Last gen: Nintendo GC 7% market share
This gen: Wii 44.5% market
Last gen: Ps2 76% market share
This gen: Ps3 27% market share.
Last gen: xbox 13% market share
This gen: 28.5%
Market share change Sony: -49%
Microsoft : +16%
Nintendo : +37.5%

Foxgod2322d ago

it shows it all comes down to games, what sony had the previous two gens, was exclusivity.

Nintendo is now the only one left with exclusive killer franchises that sell 15+ million.

Sure, the 360 and ps3 got their share of exclusives, but they can only dream of what Nintendo franchises sell in their lifetime.
Thats the reason they got most of the share now.

Previous gens Sony had the best exclusives, but most of those went multi, and therefore its not really required anymore to buy a ps3.
A lot of people went with the 360 for that reason.
Some people get the ps3 for uncharted and the multi's, others prefer gears and multi's and get the 360.

Eu2322d ago

PRICE/$$$ happend. If it wasnt so damn CHEAP the Wii would hardly be where it is today...Same thing with the PS3...if it was 100USD cheaper at launch (if Sony could have afford it...) X360 would be dead already and the next Xbox would already be out and maybe even Nintyendo would have already pulled out its next console.

To the disagreers (and we know they will happen): with the general economical crysis world wide, what would sell best? A kidish console that was 250USD and was being targeted to the masses of momas and grams or a 599USD behemoth of tech targeted to the hardcore?

This gen eggining was all about the casuals, tanks pretty much because few could afford more and the media blatant hate of everything Sony.

Christopher2321d ago

@Bundi: Your figures are way off since there is an overlap in market share based on console sales.

For example, which share am I in since I own a PS3 and a Xbox 360?

Foxgod2322d ago

When shareholders get together with the Big N, i highly doubt that beating the ps2 is one of the topics discussed when it comes to the marketing strategy of Nintendo.

What matters is being market leader, they already nailed that one down, i am curious to see if they can continue that way with their next iteration of home consoles.

KrimsonKody2322d ago

I think what the PS2 succeeded in doing was something that could only happen during that era. It can't be replicated.
However, Nintendo does have the power (no pun intended) to be a powerhouse, bit it won't happen with the Wii U.
Nintendo needs an complete overhaul;
Powerful next-gen system.
More 2nd & 3rd party support.
& not to limit their system to devs.

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