Retro Studios adds staff from Naughty Dog, Vigil - working on a "crowning achievement"

Retro Studios adds talent from Naughty Dog (Uncharted 3) and Vigil Games (Darksiders).

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Shok2386d ago

Funny, cause I've always made the analogy that Retro is to Nintendo as Nuahgty Dog is to Sony.

But good additions, Retro.

camel_toad2386d ago

Yep I'm very curious what they'll crank out.

bergoo2386d ago

Eric Kozlowsky left naughty dog to work with Retro.
Eric is a environment designer it looks like. He made alot of the uncharted 3 layout.
check out his portfolio>

MoveTheGlow2385d ago

Bergoo, that really makes me think there's going to be a new kind of Metroid coming. They wouldn't make that investment if they weren't looking for some amazing atmospheric environments, and if this is from a Nintendo franchise... well, do *you* think it's a Donkey Kong game? ;)

Instigator2385d ago

And what Rare used to be, I wanna add.

Retro is my main reason for wanting a Wii U, with Monolith Soft, GC VC and Zelda being the others at the moment.

Seeing what these studios did with the humble Wii, I can't wait to see what they'd do with a next gen console.

Shackdaddy8362386d ago

Come on retro. Make an awesome metroid game for wiiu.

2EHO2386d ago ShowReplies(1)
BeerBaron2386d ago

Well it's obviously a Wii U game, and it's probably a new Metroid game. But I would also put my money on it maybe being a new F-Zero, although I would have thought Sega would be on board for that. But seeing as Naughty Dog and Vigil games are known for third person action games, my money is on a Metroid game in the style of Uncharted, cinematic third person moving away from the prime first person games.

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The story is too old to be commented.