IGN - Twisted Metal: The Twisted Antiheroes

IGN - Twisted Metal Creator David Jaffe talks us through the tormented heroes of Twisted Metal.

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Majin-vegeta2385d ago

God this game looks so awesome can't wait till next month.

Abash2384d ago

This will be the game I put the most hours into this year, I really can't wait for Twisted Metal

PshycoNinja2384d ago

Game has been paid off for months. David Jaffe has really never delivered a bad game. This game looks absolutely amazing.

LackTrue4K2384d ago

most waited game for me on the ps3!!! hope they add DLC, like Drake, Helgust soldier, Kratos, and some MGS Snake. Hell add some Mortal Kombat Charters too!!!

Legionaire20052384d ago

me too what is your gamertag? My gamertag is legionaire2008 add me

Dark112384d ago

gamertag? you mean PSN ID right?

Legionaire20052384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

yup same thing lol and is it necessary to give me 4 disagrees because i said gamertag? Man hardcore fanboys you are lol.

antz11042384d ago

Backstory on Sweet Tooth? AWESOME.

I would love to see Rob Zombie do a movie on that.
(More like Hallowen 1, not 2 lol)

Der_Kommandant2384d ago

This game will be raping my eyes and brain at the same time

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