IGN - All You Need to Know About Modern Warfare 3 DLC

IGN - If you're a loyal Modern Warfare 3 fan with a paid subscription to Call of Duty Elite, it's time to get excited. In two weeks, Premium Elite members can download two new multiplayer maps on January 24th for Xbox 360. In what Activision is referring to as "Content Drops," the first two downloadable content packs are called Liberation and Piazza.

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lorianguy2385d ago

What you need to know:

1)It's expensive.
2)PS3 users who have premium elite are getting ripped off

BattleTorn2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Um, what's the price for non-elite members?

Or are they forcing everyone to pay $50, and get every months content (some are bound to be weak, especially considering their kicking it off with TWO MAPS!)

I'll Pass.

jjb19812385d ago

This is why I stick to battlefield 3. I bought MW3 thinking it was gonna be different. I haven't played it since the day after it came out. Really boring freaking game and now they wanna rip off Ps3 elite subscribers. I got 360 version and I'm glad I didn't get elite. Activision is full of greedy sons of bitches! I'm glad west and zampanella left IW!