Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 All New Total Swing Control

With the most comprehensive swing mechanic revamp in over a decade, both the standard and Collector's Edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 will provide fans unprecedented control over their swing tempo, ball position and stance, allowing players to replicate countless swing combinations used by real-world PGA Tour players.

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ddelella2355d ago

I think the changes to the ball and stance configuration are nice as well as the new marker look for the target spot. I never was a fan of the ambiguous circles. I am not sold on the back swing plane line. I agree it is nice to see where the power put you in your swing and the tempo is an excellent edition. The problem I see is still the sensitivity of that back swing plane and the fact that is is a little hard to see the power line because of the angle. I would like to see if they improved the putting as well because that is my biggest grip about the current ones.