Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare® 3 Content Season 2012 Kick-Off - Behind The Scenes

The Call of Duty®: MW3 content season kicks off this month first on Xbox LIVE delivering a variety of brand new content every month over the next 9 months for Call of Duty ELITE premium members. Published by Activision, the developers from Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software and Beachhead Studio introduce the first two Call of Duty ELITE drops, multiplayer maps Liberation and Piazza, available to our premium members first on Xbox LIVE on January 24th. For non-premium members, the content is coming to you as well, stay tuned for dates. And this is only the beginning...

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Majin-vegeta2237d ago

Around the 1:50 area he says new extensions to the story??Wow how low do you have to go to do that??Take part of the story out and sell it.

STK0262237d ago

Extensions to single player campaigns are common; if you think they removed part of the story to sell it as DLC, you might as well say that the MP maps were also removed to be sold at a later date. You might want to say that StarCraft 2 HoS is all made up of content that was "removed" from WoL. Or that the Gears of War 3 DLC was removed from the main game. It's not like CoD is the first or the only game to use such a system.

GraveLord2237d ago

Do you ever get tired of trolling?