Five Games That Need To Be Announced This Year

2011 was a busy year for games and probably one of the best years to be gamer ever, but what will 2012 bring? RandomProdInc countdown the games that need to be announced this year.

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TomInc2380d ago

Know all that 2012 world ending stuff? Totally gonna happen if Valve doesn't release something with a 3 at the end of it this year!

Mattlevin2380d ago

It's valves backup plan right now.

ATi_Elite2380d ago


Valve may release Alien Swarm 2, Day of Defeat 2, or Ricochet 2 just to prolong having to make anything with a 3.

Capt-FuzzyPants2380d ago

Uhhh... That's already been announced. Actually it's been announced for about six years now.

PCgamer4ever2380d ago

Come on Gabe,give us Half-Life 3

ThichQuangDuck2380d ago

1. Star Wars Battlefront 3

2. Timesplitters 5

3. War of the Monsters 2

4. Freedom Fighters 2

5. XIII(Sequel)

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