Is the World Ready for Spawn to Return?

For the last few decades, comics have been used as source material for some of the biggest record breaking media releases. Starting in the 80′s there was a rush to find comics that would make great investments. Movies like Superman had boomed and the industry had to reach for new source material; this led to a number of other titles being picked up. Some comics like Spiderman, Captain America, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman continue to this day to be made into movies and games, while other have been forgotten due to poor sales and bad productions. - PSLS

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NYC_Gamer2379d ago

yessssss,i am ready for one of my favorite characters to return.i believe epic could make the perfect spawn game.

ATi_Elite2379d ago

Hell YEss!

The movie was good and was hoping for Spawn 2.

Most definitely need a kick ass video game.

ThichQuangDuck2378d ago

Mature Spawn game would be awesome. I want more good super hero games right now. Spider-Man plese

cervantes2402379d ago

A comeback for Spawn would be cool. I always wanted to play the Spawn game for Dreamcast.

Autodidactdystopia2378d ago

I played it once and It scared the shit outta me.

not the game , but once and only once when i got killed the monster that killed me stopped looking at the dead spawn guy and the looked directly at the screen into my soul like i just killed this dude and if i was out of this console id kill you too.

i was like OH SHIT and jumped up and turned it off.

never happened again before or after that.

truly weird

insertcoin2379d ago

I can see Spawn easily as an adaptation of Batman: Arkham City.

Simon_Brezhnev2379d ago

Yeah i just thought the same thing. I hope they do copy it a little and you know Spawn is way bloodier.

dorron2379d ago

As soon as I saw this article I thought exactly that.

SweatyFlorida2379d ago

Wow perfect match up! I was thinking of having the gameplay "a bit" like Devil May Cry, but in a setting with character interactions like that of Arkham City.

Inception2379d ago

I luv Spawn but i've lost direction when Image 'spawn' too many spin-off (Angela, Curse of the spawn, hellspawn, etc). So, can someone give me a short synopsis what main spawn (al simmons) doing right now?

ironfist922378d ago

Being dead. There's a new Spawn now.

Inception2378d ago

So al simmons is dead but somebody replace him?

ironfist922378d ago

Yup, a white guy this time. The series is called Endgame. I havent been following Spawn for a while, but I did read a few of the Endgame comics, and its pretty good.