Doomsayers predicting the doom of the psvita, confirm the psvita will be a smashing success

TecStories writes: People forget that the prolific Playstation 2 console only sold 1.41 million units in its first year. The Playstation went on to sell a whopping 153 million units remaining the top selling home console of all time. The Psvita has sold approximately 500 000 units in its first month.but this handheld is far from failing. A little bit of tweaking and this device will sell like gangbusters. A new call of duty game, more robust Square Enix support, a new monster hunter game and things will start to look rosy.

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insomnium22504d ago

It seems that MS has made everyone dependant on instant gratification. Nowadays all we hear is zales zales. Unless a game sells 5 million in opening week it is considered a failure. It's all black and white for some reason and people are extremely quick to judge. Thank you MS. Your aggressive marketting has done wonders to the industry.

MrWiggle2504d ago

Microsoft also bought there way into the gaming industry, they didn't work hard for it or earn it like Sony or Nintendo.

miyamoto2504d ago

Well said. Dont let sales figures affect your enjoyment and perception of the games you play. MS has taken the true value of games from millions of gamers around the world by turning many into sales whores.

smashcrashbash2504d ago

People don't know their gaming history. All the PlayStation consoles went through the same thing and most went on to sell a lot more. And each time the doom articles came with so called 'proof' that they would die. Where's your 'proof' now Forbes?

supremacy2504d ago

500k in 3 weeks, just in japan. Vita also hit hong kong on the 23rd, I wonder what the number in that region is.

I could only imagine the combine figures would be something close to a million units sold if not more. Just my guess.

Ron_Danger2504d ago

I think one point Sony has to get across in their ads to help with sales would be the cross platform gaming. You can play Wipeout 2048 online against PS3 players at launch. I'm not a CoD fan at all, but imagine the sales if Acti made the next CoD cross platform.

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