Ubisoft delays Ghost Recon: Future Soldier once more, beta in April, PC version confirmed

TVGB: "Update: May 25 has been set as the new launch date in the UK, meaning US gets it on the 22nd most likely. News on the beta is in as well: it'll kick off in April for both Xbox 360 and the PS3. In addition, unlike previously said, a PC version is coming as well, though at a later date."

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NYC_Gamer2324d ago

i hope it's changed from that fast paced piece of trash shown at E3

Liamario2324d ago

Couldn't agree more. It looks like shit. Won't be buying it. There's enough fast paced shooters out there, we don't need another. We certainly don't need one with terrible animations.

EVILDEAD3602324d ago

I'm definately looking forward to Ghost Recon and was a huge fan on the first two on the 360.

But, pushing it back is a wise decision. Call of Duty: MW3 is smashing sales records on both the 360 & the PS3.

Pushing th title back further and releasing a quality Beta for free promotion makes a whole lot more sense.

Look forward to both Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six from Ubisoft this year.


wallis2324d ago

I hope the PC version doesn't suck as much balls as the AW versions did.

LightofDarkness2324d ago

It will suck more balls, it's now an arcade shooter with invisibility cloaks. Yay.

C_Menz2324d ago

Judging by the late announcement of a PC version it is probably a direct port from the 360. Good for those with low end PC's but bad for any serious PC gamer.

Hopefully they throw in a few extras with the PC version but I highly doubt it.

closnyc22324d ago

u know, as
bad as ubisoft is with their pc community, some of their ports are atually very good. Assassins creed on eyefinity, 1080p, 60 fps with more detailed characters runs beautifully for me. But then of course, you have their shitty games like from dust that run like crap.

Virtual_Reality2324d ago

I actually liked the PC version more than the consoles.

When it came out, that game was providing more tactical feeling than the console version.

Nate-Dog2324d ago

What a massive surprise.

Captain Qwark 92324d ago

this series died for me after GR2. which is too bad too becuase 1 and 2 were sooooooooooo good.

FFXI1012324d ago

I agree, I really liked them on 360 and play a lot with friends. But for some reason I just don't care for this one, I'd perfer they release Rainbow Six first.

Captain Qwark 92324d ago

yeah the new RB6 looks pretty sick

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The story is too old to be commented.