IGN's Fantasy Wars review - Not quite as forgettable as the title

Fantasy Wars has some gameplay features that make it worthy enough to check out. It's not as complex as many turn-based strategy titles out there, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. A great use of terrain, decent number of units, and large number of unit upgrades make the strategic decision about where and when to attack both important and interesting.

The turn countdown is a decent idea as well and forces players out into the field a little quicker, but can tend to cut off the chance to fully explore a map in some cases. Either way, the challenge for those that choose to try and grab the gold medal in each level is going to be pretty extreme. Fantasy Wars doesn't have the slickest package around, but its heart is good and those looking for a pretty active turn-based combat game will likely find enough to enjoy.

Overall score: 7.8/10

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