Interview: Capcom Economics 101 - PS3 strategy, development costs

Next Generation talks with Nique Fajors, Capcom's VP of marketing.

"If I'm going to make a blanket statement, I'd say that Xbox 360 and PS3 are basically equal [in terms of development costs]," Nique Fajors says. "The challenge at this early stage lies in the type of games. When you look at the tools and technologies and comfort that people have, given that the Xbox 360 has a year lead on PS3, there are of course more technologies available for a certain genre. So that can make life a little bit easier.

But it's not purely a dollar issue. It's mostly tools and technology and a comfort issue. Every year, developers get more and more comfortable with the platforms they're working on, so that 12-month lead for the Xbox 360 has been beneficial when you're comparing those two platforms."

"There certainly wasn't a lot of angst and pain associated with the decision to bring Monster Hunter 3 to Wii instead of PS3, because we as a company are very much committed to the PS3 as a global platform that we know can be successful in Japan, Europe and the United States," Fajors says.

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TheHater3729d ago

Great another dude from Capcom running his mouth. Hay Capcom, make games, and stop with all this bullsh!t.

dogseye_deadhorse3729d ago

still cant believe they aint doin MH3 for ps3. their off their heads up at capcom.

MrWonderful3729d ago

i think capcom will not let ps3 owners down. they are just waiting for the install base to grow. which if anyone can see its doing just that now.

mrlokievil3729d ago

If they are committed to the PS3 where are the games? They can't use the install base excuse because there are as many PS3s in houses as there were 360s when they released their first 360 game.

Skynetone3729d ago

meaning most games go to the 360 {good for 360 owners} and to be honest i dont blame them

im just waiting for res 5 and st f hd for the ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.