Microsoft Details Vista SP1 Changes

Microsoft Corp. has posted a detailed account of the changes to Windows Vista in the service pack it is scheduled to roll out as a public beta this week.

The 17-page Word document details what Microsoft called "notable changes" in Vista SP1 Release Candidate 1 (RC1), the preview version that has been seeded to thousands of invitation-only testers in recent weeks and soon will be opened to all comers

Microsoft touted scores of additions, improvements and enhancements to Vista in areas ranging from hardware support and reliability to security and synchronization with the also-upcoming Windows Server 2008.

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Zhuk3902d ago

a great update for the most powerful and advanced Operating System on the market.

I haven't looked back since purchasing Vista Ultimate Editon

predator3902d ago

would you give me ur personal review of it?

PS3PCFTW3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

zhuk has to work for microsoft.

what a fuccing tool.

hey MS nuttZHUKer, how does your zune work with vista?
how about any of the other 90% of mtp devices for that matter?

predatorr, my personal review, keep xp since sp3 is comint out for it soon.

if you really want aeroglass there are some apps that make your desktop look like a vista desktop.

thats pretty much all vista has to offer you, aeroglass.

consider a vista "upgrade" a major "DOWNGRADE" in functionality and task efficiency.

maybe in 3 years theyl have it running 100% compatible.

N4M3L3553902d ago

You're right man, vista sucks. I just got a brand new laptop with Vista preinstalled and...yeah, I'm going back to XP this weekend. My experience with Vista makes me want to switch to a Mac, and I hate Apple.

@ Zhuk: Man, you need to get off M$'s D. You need to do us all a favor and leave N4G and goto some 360 fanboy site. Yes, you're entitled to your opinion, but I refuse to believe you've had no problems with Vista. Do you have stock in M$?

Zhuk3902d ago

Vista is the best Microsoft OS released to date and SP1 will be a major step to it reaching maturity just like XP did with its SP1 release. I remember people saying exactly the same thing about XP when it was released, the same thing about Windows 95 too. Fact is people either hate change and couple that with the teething problems of a new OS and it is always a recipe for criticism.

I have found Vista to be an improvement over XP in every way. It is more secure, reliable, graphical (I love the aeroglass interface) and functional than any other OS on the market.

And actually my Zune works fine with Vista, zero problems there. I am enjoying the new Wireless Syncing feature that was released with version 2.0 and use it all the time.

The only 'issue' it has is compatibility problems with some old games, but I have always found workarounds on forums if I do have probs and with SP1 release I expect 99% of compatibility issues to be ironed out

bootsielon3902d ago

You don't have to support everyone of Microsoft's products. Did you know that Vista is still full of defects despite the SP1? Did you know that Apple has had most of the "new" Vista features since five years ago? Did you know that Linux owns both? Did you know that the future lacks any OS whatsoever and will depend entirely on the net, therefore making Linux, Apple and Microsoft obsolete?

Get a job at microsoft. They'll rape you daily over there, and what better for your sad little ass? You must keep loving it.

Psynapt1k3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Zhuk, for once I FULLY Agree with you!!!!!
Vista is a Excellent OS, I had been running XP before, and Upgraded to Vista at the beginning of the year when it was launched, BEST investment yet, it is stable, and runs like a dream. The interface is easy to use and quite innovative aswell. Everyone bad-mouths VISTA, and I think they are just afraid of change... As for Xbox360vsPS3...that is a different matter, but I will agree to disagree....

Psynapt1k3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

OOPS - Double post!

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rushbd3902d ago

but plays crap.

any person in his right mind will agree with me

JosefTor3902d ago

There sure is a lot of hating on the best OS that Microsoft has ever put out. The reason it got its bad rep is it was slow in games and not worthy to spend a lot of money on. That does not mean that reviewers thought XP was better. A lot of reviewers wanted people to wait for SP1 which is right around the corner. I don't have SP1 but I have a lot of hotfixes that will be included in SP1 and performance in games is way up (probably still a little shy of XP). Despite that though... it is a very stable OS with a lot of small usability improvements that will grow on you. This is a smart sensing OS compared to XP. I'm just writing this so people can give it a try when they get the chance. Mine was free through my college.

BrotherSic3902d ago

Looking forward to the update but I have been very happy with Vista since i got my new laptop. I wouldn't pay for an upgrade but worth while having it if you are buying a new laptop/pc.

+ I have also had no real problems with vista. Had to remove Nero because of the Com Surrogate error but other than that everything has performed great.

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