GameSpot reviews Pain: 'simple, crude, and not very cost-effective'

Pain is a fine example of what can be done with the Havok physics engine, some destructive urges, and little else. It twists its basic principle of using a fleshy crash-test dummy as slingshot ammo into several compelling single- and multiplayer modes, all of which tap into the same primal urges that make watching a car crash or popping bubble wrap so compelling. It's not a terribly intellectual game, and apart from the Rube Goldberg punishment routines you can put your puppet through, it's never very complicated; but damn if it doesn't make for some misanthropic fun.

Score: 7.5/10

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The Killer3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

either they are so stupid or they learned their lesson to stop putting low scores for ps3 games which i doubt it!

mighty_douche3875d ago soon as its on the UK store.

i realise its not gonna offer much longevity but with a few mates over and a few beers down this should be a great laugh.

SL1M DADDY3875d ago

Though it is short it is still fun as all get out. I love it and say it is well worth the money and time. Can't wait for future downloads. Hey look at it this way, at least it's not another retro HD version of some silly arcade title. This is something new and fun, if Gamespot has a hard time with that then oh well, they suck at reviews anyway.

Slayer OP3875d ago

So we know that their word on ps3 games are meaningless. Screw what they have to say.

BenderDGreat823875d ago

did sony not pay GameSpot enough to give it a good review?

Enigma_20993875d ago

What, did you WANT them to bribe the reviewers?

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