European PS Store 'missing PerSoNs'

For whatever reason, the European PS Store has not had the best time of things when you compare it against the offerings available to the US and Japan.

PS3 Attitude list the missing titles that are being enjoyed elsewhere in the world, hoping they arrive in time for Christmas in Europe...

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Krazy Ken Kutaragi3725d ago

Sony despise Europe. Yet so many Sony fanatics on these pages are from Europe and are going to spout ever increasing amounts of nonsense to defend them.

There is NO excuse.

ruibing3724d ago

The problem with Europe is that its a continent of countries, so there are licensing and localization issues that doesn't exist for other regions. Sony has acknowledged the problem awhile ago and has made a lot of improvements in speeding up for the region. For example, Europe gets Singstar this year while we have to wait in North America.

Rama262853724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

There is a very easy solution to get around this 'problem'. Release some form of pre-paid cards to enable you to buy things from other region stores. I don't see why Sony hasn't already done this? I can only see how it'd help them - it means more downloads, more money for them and we get what we want. Win win situation!

Edwin19893724d ago

"So, are we missing anything else of note?"


Chriswsm3724d ago

I agree that there should be better means of getting stuff from the US page. I doubt that any of my credit cards will permit me to do that as they are registered to my UK address. Paypal might be a good idea.

I would like to play Pain. I would like to do so BEFORE Christmas seeing that both the additional characters are Christmas themed.

I also do not see the truth in the EU region licensing issues. I can purchase and download software from the US via the Internet. I did so last week. Sony need to sort this out because at the moment it looks like they are simply not trying.

DolphGB3724d ago

I believe the issues are less about licensing and more about language. But if PS3 owners across Europe are happy to play new titles in English rather than wait for, say, an Italian version, why not allow us to buy titles from any store.

After all, we can buy retail games and import them from the US and play them without any issues at all.

PayPal, pre-paid cards - all good ideas. How about just simply consolidating all the worldwide stores into one, and then clearly stating the languages that game is available in so that people can buy it if they want to, or wait for the localised version? It would be easy to translate the prices into local currency for everything regardless of location...