Burnout Paradise: We Can Handle it

From Criterion's official website:
"A racing game is driven by its handling. Here designer Olly tells us how he tinkered under the hood of each car to ensure that they all drive like paradise on wheels."

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MK_Red3871d ago

Hope they release a crashtacular and explosive trailer / game footage for christmas gift. Showing the "Show time" mode would also be incredible. Please Criterion, show more carnage and Burnout awesomeness :)

Korosuke3871d ago

Criterion will give us a big gift :)

LSDARBY3871d ago

Cant wait for this game :D

MaximusPrime3871d ago

i need to get PS eye. i want to get mugshots of myself. lol

btw: great interview. Im glad handling will be the same. I prefer to drive the fastest car available.

I drove Euroracer and F1 well on Burnout 3 online.