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Voxelman2139d ago

as long as they don't delay the PC version who cares

Karooo2139d ago

Haha, you waited like 10 years for the PC version.

Marcus Fenix2139d ago

yes, they better make the PC version as good as they can, I'd love 2 have a PS VITA version.

Diver2139d ago

just give me move support. it owns in ruse.

SilentNegotiator2139d ago

"as long as they don't delay the PC version who cares"

How much longer could Diablo Forever take? Seriously, though, they've already delayed the game a few times and I'm sure this at least has partly to do with it.

decrypt2139d ago

Lol hope it doesnt turn out to be a shooter then rofl.

erathaol2139d ago

I'm all giddy about Diablo III. I'm so ready to kick his butt for the 3rd time.


badz1492139d ago

who doesn't see this coming from miles away?

moparful992139d ago

Diablo III console version FTW! LIke some1 said above a ps3/vita cross platform would own so hard... We gamers are so spoiled :P



The usual PC elitist who's still in denial.

Everyone else already understanded that big budget games need to guarantee profits and the best way to do so is to release in every hardware available.

It's not that PC is not profitable platform or any of that crap console fanboys usually trown at PC fanboys. The thing is, if they start to put processors in toasters and blenders, big publishers will root for kitchen appliance gaming.

Darkfocus2139d ago

Doubt Vita will happen...the games world is kept on a server like an MMO so portables are pretty much out of the question.

Rush2139d ago


Yeah that's why EA made there biggest budget game costing around a reported 200 million a PC exclusive.

Go back to your cave troll with your none sensical PC elitist crap.

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grailly2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

exactly, I'll be getting the most complete version of the game on pc/mac I guess, but if they are the same, I may just get it for PS3 for the extra comfort of playing from a couch.

blizzard games aren't graphically cutting edge anyway

PCgamer4ever2139d ago

console games aren't graphically cutting edge anyway

grailly2139d ago

that was my point... I'm not losing anything as I doubt the PC/mac version will be prettier, except for the resolution

Halochampian2139d ago

or you could use your 360 controller on your PC and still get the comfort of the couch.

And PC isnt just about the graphics...

grailly2139d ago

I only have a laptop, I'm not sure playing with a controller and a laptop on my lap is comfortable. and I doubt everybody with a desktop pc would be able to put a couch in front of it.

and you're right pc really isn't all about the graphics, it's more about the indies for me, but when talking to pc gamers about buying a console version I usually have the impression it suddenly gets all about graphics.

Halochampian2139d ago

You could hook up your laptop to the TV and control it with a wireless controller.

why would the laptop need to be on your lap?

grailly2139d ago

it would just be ugly to stretch out the graphics produced by my laptop, unfortunately. why would you want to go through all that pain if you could just buy the console game?

last bubble*

sikbeta2139d ago

And here we go again, an elitist that just don't get it, not ALL is about graphics for God Sake, if people cared so much about that PS2, Wii, X360, PS3 never could have sold as much as they're selling right now, people just want to play games...

Blackdeath_6632139d ago

with multiplatform games graphics have never been an issue to me i couldnt care less that skyrim looks so much worse on ps3 than pc and its laggy as fuck cus guess what im still enjoying it. and the same thing apllies with diablo, for me im not loosing anything by playing it on my console it doesnt make much difference in my opinion. i only ever take notice of graphics on exclusives because if a game is made for one console in mind it should be able to use the full graphical power of that console wich ever it may be.

andibandit2138d ago

when you say "complete", do you mean complete with hackers,dupers,cheaters

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Gxray2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

PC version has already been delayed for it :P

This game would have been out already if it wasn't being developed for consoles as well.

lelo2play2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Yep... it would be out already for PC if it wasn't being developed for consoles.

It guess it's good news for console only players.

Fishy Fingers2139d ago

Ha, really, got a link for that, or just the usual forum BS guess work?

SJPFTW2139d ago

how do you know Gxray? you dont know.

moparful992139d ago

OR, and I know that I am making some revations here, Maybe its taking sooo long because acti/blizzard take their sweet @ss time with EVERYTHING they do??

You know that they have different teams workin on the console versions and they can release the pc version whenever they feel like it..
They wont delay the pc version in order to have a common release across all platforms..

Especially considering that the pc version will garner the most revenue for obvious reasons. I dont mean graphics anything else like that as its all opinion, I am refering to the long time exclusivity that pc has had for that series..

nolifeking2139d ago

Who's to even say the PC and console version will ship at the same time? As memory serves, Blizzard is always late, and that's when they release only on PC.

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Limit7602139d ago

Didn't they announce the consoles were being worked on when the game was announced? It takes years for games to be made, you don't think they decided when they were halfway through the pc version to go.. Oh man we better start on the ps3 and 360 versions. they started at the same time.

ATi_Elite2139d ago

it says lead designer for console "Diablo Project"

doesn't confirm Diablo III for consoles, could be any type of Diablo game for the consoles.

Persistantthug2139d ago

Old news as far as anyone SHOULD be concerned.

Those in the know or are "more advanced" on the subject, they might be wondering if BATTLE.NET is coming to consoles like Steam is for the PS3.

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Vega752139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )


OMG i hope to god they don't down grade the game just to cater to consoles and please for the love of god please optimize these games for pc gamers. i hate how dev's are shitting all over pc gamers for console ppl.

@below. I'm sorry if it seem i'm doubting blizzard and their work. it's just too many times have games been released on PC and consoles and the game isn't optimize for PC. I'm still waiting on the patch for batman AC, saint row the third, and a few others.

LightofDarkness2139d ago

Take a breath there, guy. It's been in practically PC only development for years, it's going to be fine. This is most likely just due to Activision pressuring Blizzard to bring it to consoles, knowing that the console crowd are more likely to be suckered in to buying after-market DLC and premium items in-game. I doubt it will make any real head-way on consoles anyway, they prefer slightly more "bombastic" experiences like COD (which is, I'm sure, the crowd Activision hope to attract).

Intentions2139d ago (Edited 2139d ago )

Even though Blizzard and Activsion both owned by the same company.

But yep.

Panthers2139d ago

Thats what he means. Activision bought Blizzard. Hence them pressuring Blizzard to make a console version. If this is indeed true, I hope it is made by a different developer so Blizzard wont waste time with it.

SkyGamer2139d ago

Blizzard is owned by Vivendi Universal which is owned by NBC Universal which is owned by Comcast and GE. More likely that Blizzard owns Activision.

kevnb2139d ago

dont worry, other blizzard games were on console too without hurting the pc version. They start on pc, if they can they go on console.

grailly2139d ago

come on... it's a blizzard game we are talking about,we know it will be quality... and it's not as if blizzard games are the most graphically intensive, they are developped to run on any PC out in the last 3-5 years

Darkfiber2139d ago

Haven't you seen the gameplay of the PC version? They already HAVE dumbed down the game significantly.

SolidGear32139d ago

Wrong. I'm strictly PS3 and I'd buy this day 1. I like almost everything.. Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Syndicate, Resident Evil, Fallout, L.A. Noire, Catherine, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Hydrophobia, Dead Space, Deus Ex, Quake, Rage, Singularity, BioShock, Half-Life, Medal of Honor, F.E.A.R., Condemned, XCOM, Duke Nukem, Bayonetta, Yakuza, Snatcher.. You name it.. So your idea of console gamers is quite flawed..

Bladesfist2139d ago

Average console gamer demographic is different compared to the average pc demographic which is different to the average DS demographic.

All platforms attract a different demographic

Bebedora2139d ago

@Vega75 : Shitting on pirate copyists? Noo? Would a company do that? They are like open source or something. Wanting to give their work to others...

FYI...that was sarcasm bytheway (btw).

gigreen2139d ago

I can't remember any Blizzard game setting a graphical benchmark on PC.

Sure, they're polished to perfection, have an outstanding art style but I don't see how that shouldn't be the case just because some other dev team is working on console versions.

shammgod2139d ago

I hope they do, just to spite you

SJPFTW2139d ago

maybe if PC gamers did not pirate these games developers would still give a fuck about you

caboose322139d ago

Do you even know how much Blizzard games sell on PC?

Starcraft 2 was at 4.5 million copies during feb. of 2011.

Stop being an ignorant baby.

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gillri2139d ago

meh, Dark Souls is a proper action RPG

PC only gamers can keep it.

kevnb2139d ago

you dont want diablo 3 just because dark souls is a good game?

Campy da Camper2139d ago

I love Dark Souls and I really want Diablo. This whole "my system gets it and I don't want yours to" is retarded. I want every gamer to have the chance to experience every game possible.

Bebedora2139d ago

I find diablo overrated at this point. It has played it's course, like GoW and Uncharted has...well, I give Uncharted one more iterration, but that's IT.

Simon_Brezhnev2139d ago

Stop being so closed minded. I actually want to get this both on both ps3 and pc.

Bebedora2139d ago

Diablo III, the demo I've seen, gives me nothing. But, ofcourse, that is me. I think the genre has been done and done and done and OVERdone too many times to feel appealing to me. So, I can understand why Blizzard is widening it's audience, to pull some extra bucks into an allredady dying brand...

Panthers2139d ago

LOL No Blizzard brand is dying. They know how to keep their games going. Hell, as of right now they only have 3 universes they work from. And they have massive amounts of time between each. I mean it was over 10 years between SC and SC2. Same with Diablo 2 and 3. Blizzard puts too much care and effort into their games for them to be considered "dying"

Not like COD with its annual release of rehash garbage.

Voxelman2139d ago

They are not even the same type of game...

SolidGear32139d ago

High blood pressure? No thanks.. I'd prefer Diablo III or The Witcher 2 any day on PS3.

Ser2139d ago

Campy da Camper NAILED it!

I'm with you, man.

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hellvaguy2139d ago

Its going to be on the only console you dont own. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

MaideninBlack2139d ago

Good news actually since I have a PC. :P

hellvaguy2139d ago

So then your original comment was completely useless if you dont even own one. Thanks for wasting time asking this!

jsslifelike2139d ago

That doesn't even seem like a matching answer tweet. If it is, it's a rather candid answer to out something as huge as this... Peculiar.