More Warner Bros films for XBL Video Store

Xbox Live Marketplace Video Store launches in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Canada today, offering a range of films as standard and high definition rentals, and Microsoft has popped up in our inboxes this morning to add that another 17 Warner Bros. films are on the way before 7th January.

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SuperSaiyan43871d ago

I was shocked to see that most of the movies were only in stereo and not even in 5.1, also what about DTS? PCM? None thats why they are around 4gb in size for a HD movie.

TheMART3871d ago

Do you want to post that nonsense everywhere just because you are afraid that digital downloads will overtake other formats?

A lot of movies will have 5.1. As far as I know the movies are about 5GB or little over.

You can't stop the digital downloads dude. Just afraid BluRay/HD-DVD will fail?

Capt CHAOS3871d ago

Paying 3.50 for a DVD when I can do so now for 2.00 and have 2 weeks to watch it.

This is excellent, can't wait for it to take off even more.

I'll be using this regularly.

Multigamer3871d ago

99p movie, all have that, hope its in HD

UnblessedSoul3871d ago

Microsoft: downloads are better then next gen discs

boi3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

it comes in on 480p 720p or 1080p depending which movies (widescreen)...its not as good then owning a disc either Blu-ray or HD-DVD.

So it won't come close to a disc quality in terms of features ect

and for people who don't have the space on the xbox360, just buy it on HD-DVD!

Digital downloads will never take over this gen, if you think it will then well think that way but look at ths next gen format think Digital downloads is becoming the 1st place and that people will not rent or buy? HMV,Virgin megastores,Blockbusters and other stores must be in serious situation then! not this gen or years to come yet...

edit: yea well im sure most xbox 360 owners here have a hd-dvd add on so if no space then just buy it and support that :) its better to download it on your 20gb Hard drive or like it might take quite some time to download a 5gb movie right

Capt CHAOS3871d ago

or even blu-day.

I'm interested in this for the rental value, there you just can't beat it.

predator3871d ago

shall download a movie tonight and make my own jugdement to how good it is.

nn3871d ago

the price is too high .
-to ask for a HD movie 6.5 € (540 mp) is too much when I can rent the same movie from my local videothek for max 3 €/day
-I have DSL 6000 this means I have to wait for some time until I’m able to start the movie. In this time I could go to the videothek and rent the same movie. Of course the next day I have to drive back.
-The movies are in very good video quality (300 looks very good) but why only in stereo dolby surround. Still… some of them have 5.1 sound (300 not).
-Why only Warner Brothers?
-Why only in german language?

predator3871d ago

in my eyes the price is not that high, for bew movies like 300 its 450 points for a week rentel in hd now thats better than blockbuster, in sd its 200 points for a week, again thats better than most rental places.

also older films like leathel weapon are 280 points (around that mark) for hd versions.

i think the price is spot on