Sales up 90 per cent for GAME

Hight Street retailer GAME has announced that sales for the 45 weeks ended December 8 were up by 89.1 per cent, with like for like sales for the same period up by 44.1 per cent.

The total group sales include those of Gamestation from May 2007, when the company announced it had acquired its nearest specialist rival for GBP 74 million.

The UK and Ireland were the Group's strongest regions, with sales up 92.3 per cent and like for like sales up 46.1 per cent. Sales for the the international business were up by 80 per cent with like for like sales up 38.2 per cent.

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predator3874d ago

i helped with that with buying my ps3 from there on sat, and also my gf pink ds with 4 games.

Multigamer3874d ago

game has no competion now they bought out gamestation.

Marty83703874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

What's, Virgin Megastores, HMV, Woolworths. That's competition fool.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

UnblessedSoul3874d ago

I've bought all my christmas stuff from lolas

BlackCountryBob3874d ago

I've gotta admit that in previous years I have dodged GAME as they were too expensive IMO but this year I have started using their website and in most cases I have gotten games a couple of quid cheaper than at Play or Amazon, plus the fact that the reward card system is very good and the standard free delivery option is first class as opposed to all their competitors who go 2nd class, is now pretty much the only place I go for games any more, its just a shame that the instore prices are so comparatively high but I guess they are no different to the prices at HMV or Woolies.

I also need to give kudos where it is deserved for their range of pre owned PS2 games, £2 or £3 on games like GTA3/VC, Gran Turismo 3, Getaway and MGS2 have really plugged the gaps between decent PS3 releases.

predator3874d ago

yeah i agree, i got £7.50 off my next purchase in game thanks to that reward card, it does make me buy more of my games there than online.