Sony's next step is innovation, says CEO Stringer

The Associated Press, Tokyo - Yuri Kageyama, Dec 11 2007:

Planned networking services for the PlayStation 3 video game console are a key part of Sony's new drive for innovation, Chief Executive Howard Stringer said Tuesday.

Stringer also said TVs using new panels called OLED and the Rolly music player with robotics technology were also products that showed Sony is back after its the company's restructuring effort.

Such products "bring back some of the wow factor" that is a Sony trademark, he said.

Stringer said the massive three-year cost-cutting drive he began to turn around Sony had gone well, and the company's immediate financial problems had been solved.

"The next cycle is actual innovation," he said.

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Skerj3935d ago

Glad they're taking the PSN seriously, if they hadn't slept on it the last gen who knows where it'd be right now. Still pretty good for only being out for a year though. With the things I've seen some of their team members do with those Eye tech demos, and games like Patapon they'll have continued success with me. They just need to get on with the advertising to get back to the masses, I still haven't seen a UT commercial and even though I've seen the Uncharted commercial online I've yet to see it air on TV (all I watch on normal TV is adult swim and SVU anyhow).

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Sir Howard Stringer gives up his day job to be a full-time comedian.

TANOD3935d ago

there is no comedian bigger than you


HarryEtTubMan3935d ago

Bladestar/theMART in disguise^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

WilliamRLBaker3935d ago

Sony is like the phrophet race from halo, they imitate they dont innovate, Sony has never innovated a succesful product any time they've tried its failed they've only ever succeeded at imitating a product all ready there, or latching onto like a parasite another company that was making an innovative product....CDs,DVD, Bluray all in creation then sony latched on and slapped their name on it.

but thats really the japanese set and not just a singular company, nearly all tech is created in another country then the japanese take it and make it cheaper.

Marty83703935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

How about Walkman, Cd's, Blu-ray, 3 1/2 inch floppy disc, Cell CPU, Aibo, Sony Trinitron, first 11 inch OLED display for starters dumbsh#t.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Sony & Phillips developed the CDROM standard.

Omegasyde3935d ago

First off I you are a troll. I actually "unignored" you just to see if any of your ranting actually many any points.

"Sony is like the phrophet race from halo, they imitate they dont innovate,"
- Congrats, you love Halo so much you brought it up in a analogy that had nothing to do with the topic. That's just my opinion of coarse.

"....CDs,DVD, Bluray all in creation then sony latched on and slapped their name on it."
-Sony didn't make CD's nor did they create the idea of DVD's. Please do more research before making anti-sony remarks. Yes, Sony steals idea's but since your a proud Microsoft fan, you do realize the hypocrisy in your statement correct William? I mean Bill Gates is such a their that a movie was made about how he stole the idea for the OS.

"...but thats really the Japanese set and not just a singular company, nearly all tech is created in another country then the Japanese take it and make it cheaper."
- No sir you are thinking of China which is close to japan and is the leader.Not just cheap imitations but also piracy as well. So by my reasoning on this post and your last trolling post, I have found out you hate Sony simply because it is Japanese. WilliamRBaker, one more thing, Most of Microsoft is international and is outsourcing at a amazing rate. Here's evidence...

MS was on track to outsource over 1,000 jobs a year to China,

By the way I am an American who appreciates Japan's Work ethics and quality. I also appreciate Microsoft/Window's OS over the years. What is your accuse for your hatred?

dhammalama3935d ago

The Japanese copy tech from the rest of the world. Riiiiight.
*shakes head*

DRUDOG3935d ago

The thing that kills me about Sony haters is that they can't see beyond their blinding ignorance and hatred.

I'm no fan of a corporation, but anybody that cannot, at the least, appreciate what Sony has done in the console business should not call themselves gamers.

Imagine if they had never entered into the console business? How many hours, days, months, years have anyone of you xbots played games? If you think that Sony had nothing to do with what, how, or when you played whatever it is you've played, you are ridiculously mistaken even if it was on the Xbox.

Stop for a minute before you decide to bash just to bash, because I guarantee that Sony has affected your gaming life whether you want to admit it or not.

Afterburn3935d ago

omg you stupid bot! ask Steve Jobs where Bill Gates got his original code from. Close your mouth noob, you're embarassing yourself.

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mighty_douche3935d ago

Sony know their sh!t, thats why they're still at the top in terms of hardware and probably always will be.

Innovation is the key to your product surviving and giving customers longevity for their investment, something that i personally look for when buying new hardware.

CaliGamer3935d ago

They are veterans in the electronics biz. They will do just fine because their success has come from hard work over the years and not a government imposed monopoly like some other corporations.
Its funny how Sony has been successful for years and they get a hard time but other companies get a pass with little to no history of success. The media is nuts these days.

dabizo3935d ago

@Krazy Ken Kutaragi - Whatever your problem is with Sony - get over it man. Your on every post that mentions Sony with droaning moaning comments...
Now I can start off my ignore list :) welcome and goodbye.

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