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Rageanitus2327d ago

IM sure you can hack the current kinect for your pc ;)

Virtual_Reality2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Ok, only need the games and ready to go.

Dojan1232327d ago

Agree. Lets see if they port all the games. However for that price I might as well get the Xbox.

just_looken2327d ago

fyi this was known for years that knict will be on window's the entire window's 8 ui and new window 's 8 games support knict. there planning on bringing halo 3 to window 8 like halo 2 helped visa to a point. screw kinict it has ruined gameing and now the pc world. want 2 use window's 8 ie? to bad you need kinict.

killa916062327d ago Show
Intentions2327d ago

Can't wait to see what the indie developers can do with it.

Abriael2327d ago

nothing different than what they have been doing for a while with the hacked 360 one, I'm guessing.

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