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It’s Official: Netflix is Coming to PS Vita

TQ author writes: It's official, Netflix in coming to the PS Vita day one. (PS Vita)

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GraveLord  +   1416d ago
Can't wait to watch movies on the go!
morganfell  +   1416d ago
Sweet! Can't wait to see this in action for myself. Only a month and a few days to go.
Colwyn  +   1416d ago
the vita is amazing
Chupa-Chupa  +   1416d ago
I bet the movies are gonna look really nice on that beautiful screen.
Dante112  +   1416d ago
This is pretty cool.
jthamind  +   1416d ago
this is a hell of a feature.
nevin1  +   1416d ago
good move
eferreira  +   1416d ago
pre ordered my early edition bundle with uncharted for free
Rageanitus  +   1416d ago
me 2! couldnt let that offer go away.
tarbis  +   1416d ago
That's a WOW feature to have. O_O
koh  +   1416d ago
I guess it's a WOW feature on my phone too?
dgonza40  +   1416d ago
Woah.. hostile much?
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1416d ago
hotness, would be great with 3G, Netflix on the go, in the car, that would be nice. still, i'm not getting 3g because i rarely take portable game systems out of the house. I know it sounds stupid.
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solidt12  +   1416d ago
Could always get hotspot on a smartphone like im doing. That way I can use any wifi device over my phones 3g.
Game4life  +   1416d ago
I wanted this to be there day one so I can watch stuff on he go and at college
BLow  +   1416d ago
Actually they said they were hoping in would be there on Day 1. Just in case it's not, we don't need people wanting to sue Sony over it....haha. Just jokin for some of you N4Gers out there.
Kingscorpion1981  +   1416d ago
No offense, but I can already get netflix on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and PS3!
MmaFan-Qc  +   1416d ago
can also game with dualjoysticks on your tablet...or play your ps3 on the toilet?
Kingscorpion1981  +   1416d ago
I'm just saying what's so innovative about having Netflix on the Vita? Almost every smartphone and tablet out there already have this feature.
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Neo Nugget  +   1416d ago

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I mean. It's cool and all, but my 3DS, iPad, Wii, PS3, and a whole mess of other devices are netflix ready.
GribbleGrunger  +   1416d ago
who said it was innovative? you guys are making stuff up as you go along. you don't work for the media by any chance? it's just a great feature to have on a 5 inch led screen. i'm sure netflix 720p movies must look great on the 3DS or the Wii, we already know it looks great on the PS3
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DivineHand125  +   1416d ago
i hope people aren't bringing their handheld devices with them in the toilet and then handing it to other people to use.
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Christopher  +   1416d ago
So, let me get this straight: because you can get it elsewhere, it doesn't matter you can get it here?

Question: If you couldn't do this on the PSV, how many people do you think would use that as a negative for the product seeing as the devices you mentioned _can_ do it?
MasterCornholio  +   1416d ago
I don't care about Netflix but I know it's a great feature to have on any mobile device. I don't understand why people are hating it. Maybe they are just bitter that the Vita managed to get a feature that the 3DS has. I really see no problem in it.

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ChrisW  +   1416d ago
Nothing good for me. I won't go back to Netflix after their price hikes, ever!
DARKrage34  +   1416d ago
I hope they can integrate Hulu Plus, too?!

I like the seamless interface they have working on the PS3 version.
Razongunz  +   1416d ago
i know US got netflix on 3ds..but its not in europe..so does that mean that the vita won't be able to get netflix in europe ether?
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