Microsoft execs on Xbox Live, Video Store, HD DVD, and Michael Bay

The Xbox Live Video Store has opened its digital doors for the first time outside of the US - in Canada, the UK, Ireland, France and Germany. To find out why it took to long to leave US boundaries, and what the future holds for the service, GamesIndustry spent some time with Stephen McGill, Microsoft's head of Gaming and Entertainment UK, and Robin Burrowes, Xbox Live marketing manager for the UK, and asked them these questions:

• Why has it taken so long for the Video Store to make it from the US?

• Are they pleased with the evolution of Xbox Live?

• How important is it that the Video Store should offer film download seamlessly?

• How does the Video Store complement the existing HD-DVD peripheral?

• There were some comments made recently by Michael Bay, who felt that Microsoft might be opting for a different strategy, bypassing the next-generation of DVDs altogether and opting for a download-only service in the long term. What would they say to that?

• Do they think Xbox 360 will ever been regarded for games and general (non-gaming) entertainment in roughly equal quantities?

• Will Microsoft replicate the 360's success with having key software titles launch at regular interval for video releases?

• What's the lag between a film being released in the cinema and it coming to the Video Store?

• Would Microsoft prefer to see the VOD window closer to that of the DVD release?

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richie007bond3934d ago

Just checked out the new xbox 360 video store in the UK,fooking awesome and about time to.......

mighty_douche3934d ago

1. i like to have hardcopies for my DVD racks
2. i wanna pop in a movie and watch it, i dont wanna guess when i might wanna watch so i can download for hours on end first
3. 200gb of time wasted downloading media when your Hard Drive decides to die.
4. [email protected] internet connections....

RuffRyder3934d ago

5. If you dont like it then dont use it and stop crying....B!TCH

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3934d ago

No Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue for you then.

mighty_douche3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

comments are here for people to leave their opinions, if you dont understand an opinion im sorry for you.

but dont jump on me because i have a different one to you. kids like yourself shouldnt be allowed access to the internet let alone post things.

EDIT @ Ken, im talking about movies mate, but in any case no, ill get prologue on Blu-Ray if its possible. stop trying to turn everything in to console war crap.

JokesOnYou3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

it only takes a few minutes or less depending on the size of the content and your internet connection to begin watching the movie long before the download is completed, so this statement makes no sense:

"i dont wanna guess when i might wanna watch so i can download for hours on end first",

fact is if there is something available that you would like to watch, click on it, pay for it and in a few minutes you can watch the entire movie no problems

If you like hard copies on your DVD rack thats fine but why portray this as if its a waist of time, a rental is a rental because you are not paying to own it, whether its through this service or from the video store, and the stuff you purchase(own) is yours to keep, you can re-download anything you've already paid/purchased for free if you happen to delete it. Hell even the smallest downloads and those simple firmware updates take forever on psn, and my roomate uses the same connection we use for both our 360's.


edit: vvvvvv OK thats fair and makes alot more sense too

mighty_douche3934d ago

i get your points dude, and im not trying to suggest its a waste of time, that just my opinion, if you like to get your media this way thats fine.

with regards to rentals, i dont do it, to rent a DVD here at blockbusters its £5 for 1 night, so i just buy them for like £10 and keep it.

TheMART3934d ago

@ Douche

And now that's called choice. You don't want them, you don't download them. You want DVD's buy them. You want HD-DVD you buy that. Simple as that. If you only want gaming, then the 360 is good. It's what you want

Saint Sony3934d ago

Your comment kinda feels like forced whine fest, like you have to think something negative to say and fail in it too.

You can't even buy the movies from xbox video store, you only rent them. Normally, if you rent movies you have to visit the store and after watching it you have to return it. With xbox360 you don't have to go anywhere.

But like Mart said, it is all about choices.

mighty_douche3934d ago

"forced"?? no dude, im not just being negative for no reason, in fact im not even talking about the 360 or microsoft, im just stating MY reasons why i dont like the idea of downloads.

but like you and TheMart both said its all about choice, and on that i completely agree with you both, MY choice will always be a hard copy where avaliable.

please dont look deeper into comments than they are, im not trying to bash either the 360 or M$ here.

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SuperSaiyan43934d ago

Some movies arent in HD and some HD movies arent even in 5.1!! Some or nearly all are in stereo!!

So I say if you want the best in HD movies go get the actual disc.

richie007bond3934d ago

Downloading rental movies in the comfort of ur own is is for convenience,it sure beats having to trek to the video shop or wait for the post to watch hd movies.I thinks its amazing ,all i need to do is put my feet up grab a few snacks sit down, order my film and ENJOY...It doesn't get any better than that folks.WELCOME to the next generation