IGN Reviews The Orange Box for PS3 [Score: 8.4/10]

IGN writes:

"Certainly, Valve established itself in a number of ways when it originally released Half-Life many years ago. Not only did it create refined and creative gameplay mechanics that inspired a number of other developers in the years that followed, but Valve also told a very interesting, admittedly intense story. Perhaps more than that, they told it well. Extremely well. So although many people today regard Valve games as pillars of fun, physics-based gameplay (which they are), we've always been most fond of Half-Life's narrative and how it plays out before the eyes of the now iconic, crowbar-wielding MIT graduate: Gordon Freeman.

So now we have The Orange Box, a collection of Valve's recent software that includes the original Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2. In case you're completely unfamiliar with these games -- which we doubt, considering their now rabid popularity -- we can assure you that all five games are excellent. If you can't play Orange Box anywhere else, you may want to consider picking this one up. The amount of content (five whole games) you're getting for a standard price is almost astronomical".

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kingofps33873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Why did EA get to make the PS3 version??? Those suckers never do the job right.

Panthers3873d ago

we all know taht fat guy at valve hates the PS3. He probably had something to do with it.

lockload3873d ago

Becuase they wont make any money off the PS3 version so whats the point?

ruibing3872d ago

Not anymore they won't. I hope they didn't expect sales to be okay after after verbally assaulting the PS3 platform, letting a third party develop make a delayed port, and then releasing around the same time as the timed exclusive UT3.

Kleptic3872d ago

its the ultimate catch 22 with ports like this...the publishers don't think anyone will buy the PS3 version, so it gets the back burner with delays and poor development...and then ps3 owners do not buy it because it got delayed and was poorly developed...

oh sucks its a bad port...the original HL2 was one of my favorite PC games of all time...but I never cared for the episodic stuff they keep tacking on, I would much prefer just HL3 with a new engine...the Source Engine has certainly been served divorce papers by any current engine...

also Team Fortress 2 didn't get me as much as I thought it would...while I enjoyed TF1 years ago...I have still been waiting for a simple class system to top that of Return to Castle Wolfenstein...the class system worked perfectly for the objectives of each game mode and map (newer games have topped player customizations...but even CoD 4's cool perks are really only for your own don't have to have certain perks in order to dynamite a tower, beach wall, etc.)...TF2 is pretty good, but as far as online games on the PS3 are going right doesn't touch Warhawk...

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DaddyDC6503873d ago

Did a bunch of brain dead morons create this port? No thanks EA. You fail again!!!

AngelOFDeath3873d ago

framerate issues, longer loads, jesus christ EA do you need new devs because u guys r just fluckin up the ps3 section of games, douche farts

dexterwang3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Outsourcing a PS3 game to a company that has a horrendous track record in making ps3 games... smart.

I'm guessing this went to the lowest bid... EA = ohoh pick us pick us, we can do it with 10 bucks.

Result: EA1: with 10 bucks we can make a nice shiny disc with colors!!
EA2: hmm what about the new development platform... what about the cell... are we going to use the SPEs?
EA1: Who cares, we've been doing this for years! People will still buy it
(sad truth)

And it also ends up with Gabe learning that the PS3 runs the game like crap from the retards from EA and then declaring PS3 is rubbish instead of admitting him outsourcing one of the biggest game of this year to a group of highschool kids employed by Mr. Burns is a big mistake

Also for those who didn't read the review, they said the gameplay and package still kick ass, just terrible framerates problems and the load time make the game practically unplayable... funny I can run Orange box much better on my PC than COD4... the source engine isn't even very demanding... once again making you wonder what kind of geniuses they employ at EA

volkov1373872d ago

to make the port before they released their other poor PS3 ports. While Valve made a poor choice with EA, they aren't to blame.

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