The Orange Box PS3 Version Screenshots from IGN

"Once again players assume the role of Gordon Freeman, a scientist destined to save the Earth from hordes of gruesome alien attackers. Valve has created a fully realized world in Half-Life 2, with objects and characters that feature accurate physics properties, behaving with the appropriate mass, density, and physical properties of their real-life counterparts. Extremely intelligent computer AI result in enemies that plan, adapt, and respond to the player's actions.

The next-gen console version comes packed with bonuses in addition to the genre-expanding original Half-Life 2 game. Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two add-on levels are also on the disc, as are the stunningly complex puzzle game Portal and the online phenomenon Team Fortress 2," writes IGN.

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picker3323902d ago

Look's identical to the pc version i think,becouse i have it on my pc,so it's nothing i be missing out on the ps3,right?

CaliGamer3902d ago

Valve and EA made sure of that. The way I will thank them is by getting UT3 instead.

protekjv3902d ago

looks good, i was thinking of the pc version, but i'll just get the ps3 version, since my pc is obsolete and old and am too lazy at the moment to build me a new one :p

timmyp533902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

and I also read the frame rates were not hindering the experience much but some say it does. I want to buy but broke.

TheIneffableBob3902d ago

I'd say the PS3 version is equivalent to "High" on the PC. There are some videocard specific features it doesn't use, like transparency anti-aliasing on NVIDIA cards which anti-aliases alpha masks, resulting in objects like fences appearing smoother at angles, but it's pretty close in terms of visual quality; Source engine games aren't exactly the most demanding games, though. The only readily apparent visual downgrade I can see is in Team Fortress 2--the textures are noticeably less sharp than the PC version.

RudeSole Devil3902d ago

Time and time again this keeps happing with ports. From now on I will never buy games that are cross platform for PS3 again. One example is Call of Duty 4; although it looks great on PS3, it still looks better on Xbox 360 (I own both games and systems). Stick with exclusives until developers make the PS3 their primary UPC (if ever).