IGN AU Reviews WipEout Pulse [Score: 9/10]

IGN writes:

"Playing WipEout Pulse for the first time was kind of like walking into a nightclub and entering a breakdancing competition without knowing how to breakdance. Amidst the flashy neon lights, kick-ass tunes and an atmosphere of sub-zero coolness, I walked on to the dance floor and proceeded to trip, luckily cushioning my fall with my face. The other anti-grav racers flew off the starting line in a graceful swoosh of afterburners and delicately balanced turns. At the same time, my flyer did its best impersonation of a shopping trolley with a wonky wheel, all while being dragged in opposite directions by tethered kangaroos. Instead of slotting neatly into the perfect racing line, my craft had an unnatural attraction to the trackside walls, filling the screen with sparks and smoke. I'd forgotten what an unforgiving lover WipEout can be".

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