Gamedaily Reviews UT3 For PS3

The following is the Gamedaily review for UT3, PS3 version. Graphics are good. The AI is also good and is able to give the players quite a game from what it sounds like. Say that this is a fine addition to the PS3 and is comparable to the PC version. Sixaxis support is also included for vehicles but can be turned off.

"The real significance with Unreal Tournament III on the PS3, however, is the Community support."

Final Score: 9/10.

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gamesR4fun4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

R/fom Warhawk now ut3

play beyond!

gtgcoolkid4019d ago

come on release the expansion pack

krackchap4019d ago

another AAA, where is the fanbot THE MART

jump out and play b3yond

fopums4019d ago

dont sully the awesomeness of UT3 with a silly fanboys presence.

Cant wait for tomorrow! COD4's going to have to take a break :D

Baba19064019d ago

so sad that europe has to wait so long.

Kururo4019d ago

well at least when you get the game you know theres gonna be a lot of players playing it, some decent/good mods available for download, and will be a ton of fun right out of the box.

macalatus4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Games typically geared for the PC aren't usually my cup of tea. I'll try to rent it first, but by the looks of it, this may convert me. :-)

I'm also hoping that the online lobby isn't exactly like COD4.

UPDATE: (15 minutes after the original type)
LOL!! To the shadow "disagreer": We all know you're jealous.

ravinash4019d ago

Often with these games the console version was put together as an after thought....and I'm thinking of previous Unreal games when talking about this.
However this one will be different. It looks like they put everything in there to bridge the gap between the PC and PS3 version so this one really does look worth while.

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The story is too old to be commented.