Microsoft's Idea Of A Good Summer

Kotaku writes:

"You know how I was talking about PR earlier today? Well, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate. I doubt it was because of the flashy Prototype promo, but I'm going to pretend it had something to do with it. Makes me feel all important and stuff (I'm not).

So, what's in the white box? It's not anthrax, I know that much. It's beer. James Boags even. Gosh, Microsoft sure knows how to spoil a fella. Included with the alcohol was a piece of paper pointing me to Not sure about the big games, but that sure does look like a big typo".

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YoMeViet3936d ago

taking beer as brides? how unethetical....where are the cold hard cash brides?

ShiftyLookingCow3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

brides? lol

ps. its not a bribe, its promotional cr~p. MS sent a whole load beer bottles during European(or Australian) PS3 launch.

WilliamRLBaker3936d ago

more people in those countries got enjoyment out of the free beer then they did the ps3...with no games at the time of those launches.

ravinash3935d ago

Get the best of both world.

Zhuk3936d ago

sounds like a perfect summer to me, the best AAA titles on Xbox 360 combined with some nice cold beer.

Noodlecup3936d ago

by any chance do you have gun posters on your bedroom wall and an obsession with the military... just to complete the xbox 360 fanboy stereotype.

Testo3935d ago

Zhuk isn't old enough to drink beer!

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