New Burnout Paradise trailer: Stunt Run

Burnout Paradise: Stunt Run trailer!

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power of Green 3782d ago

Can't say I'm too intrested in this title the graphics are Meh too. I didn't even finish watching the video's on XBL and I canceled the video's that were not done downloading.

Kleptic3782d ago

haha may I ask what released racing game has better graphics?...Motorstorm possibly, but Paradise even puts that games near perfect crashes to shame...

If you are saying "meh" when compared to the likes of the upcoming GT5...well then yeah...they are "meh"...but something tells me your comment was more to act as if the 360 has anything better looking than this...currently, or on the horizon...PGR4? that what you were pointing at?...if so, I disagree...PGR4 looks great also, but I wouldn't say either game shanks the other completely...

Devr3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I don't see the issue. Imo, the graphics look on par with Forza and PGR if not better. And that's with a completely seamless free roaming world at 60fps. The damage model is also much, much more advanced as expected from a Burnout title.

Uforaverwill3782d ago

Can't wait for this game. I loved the burnout series. :)