Japanese Girls Go Crazy for Patapon

PSPfanboy writes: "People keep telling us that there are these strange creatures called "girls." Supposedly, they shy away from the things we love, like games and violence. Not so, says Patapon. Sony is targeting their Japanese ads towards the finer half of our species, most likely trying to recreate the success that LocoRoco had with the traditionally non-gamer market. We think the combination of cute cuddly creatures and horrifying war violence will really target a more feminine taste".

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Skerj3899d ago

AWESOME!! I want this game to do SO well, I'm hoping it keeps those PSP sales soaring. We'll see next week when it drops in JP.

ngg123453898d ago

This looks to be the greatest psp game to be made.

protekjv3899d ago

they should have subtitles

name3899d ago

PSP sales are gonna skyrocket yet again when God of war chains of olympus comes out. Not to mention the new warhawk game that's supposedly coming to the platform.