Rip Off Final Fantasy VII and Pay Up

Kotaku reports: "Square Enix doesn't mess around. After a music video from Korean pop star Ivy looked too much like Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix dragged the video's maker Fantom Entertainment to court. The music vid's director claimed that it was merely a "parody" and that he "wanted to contact Square Enix to get permission, but couldn't find their contact info." Seoul Central District Court judge Gu Hoe-geun ruled that Fantom "illegally used 80 percent of the storyline, setting, characters and their styles of dress and their demeanors from video game Final Fantasy VII." Fantom was fined US $10,900. The company's director and the video's director were both fined an additional $6,500 each. There is still a civil suit against the video's creators as well. If Square Enix won't even let people take snapshots of in-game demo kiosk footage, it certainly won't let something like this slide".

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YoMeViet3937d ago

Unleash the Attack Dogs of the Corporate World!.....Lawyers....

ruibing3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Square Enix deserved to win that lawsuit. The music video is not just some free fan-made parody, it is intended to generate revenue. Not only does it cosplay the characters, it simply copied the entire scene from Advent Children without paying Square Enix a dime. As for asking for permission, that is really the worth excuse I've ever heard.

StarsCream3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

What the F is wrong with everyone? Does walking in a video mean someone has to pay a caveman for the right? How about pointing to the stands before a home-run in a movie or something, does that mean money is entitled to the Ruth family legacy?! Also, there have been tons of music videos that heavily borrow themes from other media (movies) without problem.

This overly litigated day and age is out of control. YES the video is really close to the fight scene in the ANIMATED movie FFAC, but it is with real people and dancing and singing? So what?! So, even though this brings attention back to FFAC enough that someone might actually want to watch that convoluted mess again (was beautiful though), thats not good enough?

Sqenix should be paying her for reviving interest, not the other way around.

YoMeViet3936d ago

"Sqenix should be paying her for reviving interest, not the other way around."

are you serious? there's no need for interest, almost everyone who played the original FFVII wants a remake. the interest is there, now just pay your damn fines.

StarsCream3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Interest in the game, not that mess of a "movie".

Perfect example: I MIGHT actually want to watch AC again after seeing that video (seriously), and I havent pulled out that DVD since the release day.

She did not use any footage from the movie, she stole nothing but a scenario, she owes them nada.

Baba19063936d ago

pretty well done. but yeah no way they can do that.

Bolts3936d ago

There is a difference between a rip off and a homage. This video clearly looks the latter, but regardless the lawyers were released. Too bad, the girl is cute as hell.

shrimpboat3936d ago

Sue there A$$. Nice music and video but opps you didn't get permission to air this sonny. Could damge Square but could also help. Its like free advertising for Advent Children movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.