Eternal Sonata - PS3 Japanese Trailer - December 10, 2007: "The gorgeous looking Eternal Sonata is headed to the PS3 with brand new events and playable characters."

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ruibing3936d ago

If the localization material is all available from the 360 version, why can't the port just have a simultaneous release worldwide? I really can't wait to have this and Last Remnant soon, and maybe even White Knight Story if it gets to the North American shores by next summer.

Darkiewonder3936d ago

and fix the game wherever it needs fixing. which probably makes it a bit longer. Early Spring for Japan? sure.

as far as WKC goes. probably not lol.
Late Summer 2008 MAYBE. unless Level 5 is working with a localization team right now rather than "Let's wait until the game is finish first"

Baba19063936d ago

i hope its good. love this kind of games.

[email protected]3935d ago

I hope Namco/Bandai localize it on US after the Japan release. I want this game be part of my PS3 collection.

Kururo3935d ago

this game should do a lot better on ps3 than 360

DarkSniper3935d ago

Due to the strong RPG image that the PLAYSTATION 3® personifies, consumers who were smart enough NOT to purchase an XBOX 360 are now able to play what was once an XBOX 360 exclusive.

Due to poor imagery and sales, Eternal Sonata never saw the potential sales growth on the XBOX 360 as expected. With the Sony PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment Console, Eternal Sonata, Oblivion and several others will find themselves a happy, new home with further sequels being exclusive to the console.

Once again, Microsoft's console has no place in the gaming industry as we all know. Developers who make RPG games are also aware of this as well. Expect announcements of Lost Odeyssey, Mass Effect, and Blue Dragon to be announced for the PLAYSTATION 3®.

You heard this news exclusive from Dark Sniper first here at N4G.


v1c1ous3935d ago

3 microsoft studio games going to ps3.

you're almost as bad as zhuk

Bladestar3935d ago

" Expect announcements of Lost Odeyssey, Mass Effect, and Blue Dragon" where the hell this ignorant fanboy came from? Don't you know the drill by now? those games were published by Microsoft... Go do some research to find out what that means... it may take you a few weeks to figure it out... but here is some help...

Mario games will not be available on the PS3.

DarkSniper3935d ago

In 1995, the same could be said about Sonic appearing on a Nintendo platform. But we all know the result of that.

Enchanted Arms, Eternal Sonata both had the "only on XBOX 360" insignia on the cover art and we both know what happened with the fate of both titles.

Dark Sniper wants you to realize that the chances of the games he previously mentioned in his last post has more of a chance reaching Sony's platform than the end all be all hopeful wish of Final Fantasy XIII coming to 360.

This all entails the shattering of the dreams to all Microkids who are still crossing their fingers for the XBOX 360 to offer a fraction of what the PLAYSTATION 3® provides for gamers.


BLuKhaos3935d ago

I dont think you get it sniper,Mass Effect,Blue Dragon and Lost odyssey will never come to the PS3 because they were published by Microsoft.

Guwapo773935d ago

Before this story broke out to the public

I would have said what Sniper speaks could never happen. Being that Bioware just got bought by Electronic Arts for $620 million and to be finalized in Jan 08, EA may want to recoup some of those funds.

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