Xbox 360 gets a verbal ass kicking at Spike VGA

Ralphy May talks about his RROD Xbox 360

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vgn243937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

The fact that no one there is actually a fan of gaming. I know the jokes were bad, but only like 6 people got it? He starts bombing so bad he begins stuttering and repeating himself. Granted he's not funny, but it's sad that he actually prepared game related jokes for a game awards show filled with people who know nothing about games.

whoops. I edited out the part about him eating the heat sinks and clogging the vents with bacon.

Relcom3937d ago

he plays lots and lots of games. Just a shot in the dark there

shrimpboat3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Thats right come to Microsoft defense you sheep. The system is broken but it is ok to you because you Xbots are so blind. While you are waiting to get your systems back I will be playing MGS4, Uncharted and Killzone 2. So what you are getting GTA IV also, by the time you get half way through it your system will fail and I will still be playing it on the PS3. Maybe then you will wake up and trade in that crap before it breaks again.

ukilnme3937d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Indeed shrimpboat, 360 fans are blinded by gaming bliss while you seem to be blinded by mindless hatred. Why worry about a console that you hate so much? Just go play your PS3 and STFU.

shrimpboat3936d ago

You STFU and go play Halo 2.5 and wait for another good shooter or the RRoD or which ever comes first. I got $100 on th RRod

Vader3936d ago

I have an Playstation 3 and 360, both are good systems to have. Why is people on here talking bad about xbox knowing they have the better games, yes playstation is going to have good games coming out year. Are you getting paid by sony to run your dam mouth about xbox? No so stop all the fanboy sh!!! and just play the !!! games.

ukilnme3936d ago

I will gladly play Halo 3, ME, R&C, HS, SMG and MP3 when given the time. I happily support all consoles and don't feel the need to hate on any of them. If you truly enjoy your PS3, go play it and......STFU.

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jack who3937d ago

he rolled over on his 360

Relcom3937d ago

He actually dosen't use the towel trick for his 360. No he just puts it under his belly flap for like 10 min. Good as new.

Hatchetforce3937d ago

I have read several places today that the audience was not composed of gamers for the most part but rather people in Vegas with some degree of profile. Typical. Even the games themselves took a back seat to the celebs and music. Otherwise it was a marketing event for upcoming titles.

Bladestar3937d ago

lol... I saw the show last night and guess what... this part was completely cut off.... the xbox 360 RROD ranting was totally an attempt by just another Sony fanboy... you could see in people's faces what they though about his sad jokes... I'm sure that will be his last VGA year.

Anyways... I have no respect for someone that goes on stage and make insulting jokes about himself which are not even funny....
"yeah.. my fat @$$... yeah... I like big... yeah... bla bla" dude... you do not have to look like $h!t to make jokes about $h!t.

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The story is too old to be commented.