IGN Interviews Drake and Elena from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

IGN writes: "We have a little chat with Nolan North and Emily Rose (that's Drake and Elena to you).

Naughty Dog's first foray into next-gen was a characteristically bombastic debut. Mixing a pulpy adventure tale that would make Indiana Jones himself grin ear to ear with enough cover-based combat to keep even the most ardent Gears of War junkie sated, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a bona fide franchise in the making. The all but universal acclaim for the game's storyline -- and more importantly the characters -- is one of the defining things that keeps the game interesting through its various twists and turns. This is due in no small part to the considerable talents of actors Nolan North and Emily Rose, who provided not only their voices for the characters of Drake and Elena, but their bodies in the form of fairly rigorous motion capture".

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NeoBasch3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

That was one nice interview. I just got done reading it myself after starting an hour ago. Yeah, nine pages. Man was that thing long. But I couldn't stop reading it. It was so entertaining. Those two are the life of Uncharted, I swear. They mesh so well. Naughty Dog couldn't have picked a better duo to work on this game. Kudos, go out to you two. Now, if only I could play it myself.

Did anybody else notice a spectre in the background, though? Ackward! I was reading the interview and noticed that Greg Miller was in charge of the interview, and then you had Nolan and Emily. So I was imagining the whole thing before me. Question after question; all the while, laughter pouring out. Then as I flipped to the next page... Bam! New person. Who the .... is Sheila? As the interview continued, it became more apparent who she truly was. She is the Sector 7 of Naughty Dog (or Sony, she continues to remain elusive). Nolan will go to his death tonight for confirming Uncharted 2.

Oh, and one last thing. I think this pretty much confirms Nolan not getting along with Emily...

Nolan's Experience Working with Emily from IGN Interview
"One thing I do want to mention: you were talking about experience with Emily and I'm not gonna praise her because I don't really like her very much... "

I kid, I kid. All for fun, you know. :)

gamesblow3905d ago

I wish Nolan looked more like Drake.. or I never seen or knew who he was from that CSI episode. It shatters the whole illusion, so does Emily... their voices are great and that's tops. Both of them, but neither look like the their two counter parts at all.

NeoBasch3905d ago

More people should read it. I'm surprised this went under the radar. Please read it. *Puppy face*