EGM Exclusive: Street Fighter IV

EGM complained of the leakage of the initial screenshots from that Brazilian blog last week, claiming it could hurt sales. Well they won't be happy with this because the entire exclusive coverage is now available directly for your viewing pleasure - and it's free. Introducing, Street Fighter 4 on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.

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vgn243789d ago

Wonder how many lawyers from ZDNet it'll take to nail n4g by tomorrow.

Douchebaggery3789d ago

I'll reserve judgment until I see it in motion.

Darkiewonder3789d ago

but his bulge is sexy.

You know. Where's the girls at? o.o

Skerj3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Welp I don't have to buy an EGM now!! Thanks N4G, wish I could have approved this too hah. In any case, I'm both excited and apprehensive. Excited because I told everyone since 2001 that this was still coming and I was the only one who believed it, apprehensive because it still looks like SFEX to me. I'm hoping the gameplay kicks ass because I can't wait to save cancel. All will be instantly forgiven if Hideki Okugawa is doing the soundtrack again though.

I'm strongly disagreeing on the graphics thing though. Ono said GG is holding the torch for 2d graphics and their own remake will do good as well. GG's graphics are high res but the animation sucks, the same for the HD remake of Super Turbo since they're not adding any frames. 3rd Strike while fluid as hell was still missing frames from 2nd Impact, so a 2d SF with animation better than 2nd impact (yes it's possible) and sharper sprites than GG would totally own the 3d stuff they're pushing. Alas that's not happening so I gotta be happy with what I'm getting.

He said he'd love to make a new Marvel vs Capcom too, god i'd love that. Every since IGN posted that EVIL EVIL EVIL pic of MvC3 with Dante and Zero in it, I've been pining for it. No one else can do another Marvel fighting game BUT Capcom seeing as how they all sucked. Capcom needs to release MVC2 on PSN and Live with online play and work with the GGPO guys I'd live on there. Darkstalkers being revisted as well? Hah I wonder if they'll use that same damn Morrigan sprite :D

Kraken3789d ago

looking forward for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.