Handhelds are Doomed. Oh Wait, They Aren’t. Just the Vita is.

When the 3DS released, lackluster sales immediately caused the internet to struggle under the weight of thousands of articles proclaiming not only the end of the 3DS and Nintendo, but dedicated handheld consoles as a whole. One price-cut and a bunch of good games later, and the 3DS was outperforming the DS’ launch sales. With the Vita now failing to sell well in Japan, doomsday predictions are happening all over again – but are the claims fair? - PSLS

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doctorstrange2294d ago

Even Forbes tried to pass off an 'article' which speculated the end of the Vita. Just calm down, give it time.

Trexman892294d ago

well, a new monster hunter game just released in japan on the 3DS so its more of bad timing than the Vita failing. They have disgea 3 on the vita, but that's pretty much an old game now. Just give the vita time....let some proper monster hunter games get released and it will do fine.

Dante1122294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I wonder if anyone will actually read the article or just go off the title and assume that they're saying that the Vita's doomed.

But I agree, those articles are ridiculous.

BluEx6102294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Yeah it might not sell like hot cakes right away, but with games like CoD, LBP, UC, MvsC3, KZ, Resistance, and other big franchise games getting ported, I don't see how people don't want to play HD games on the go. Call of Duty is what I'm looking forward to the most, hope they release it soon.

I comment first, read later =)

mindedone2294d ago


Why would anyone assume something ELSE from the title. The title says just that, that Vita is doomed. Regardless of what the actual article is, the title is bait.

LOGICWINS2294d ago

Damn...even PS sites are saying its doomed. Not a good sign.

BitbyDeath2294d ago

We'd likely get less stupid posts if it stated in your post that you clicked out before writing a response. Even better just hide the box away until the link is clicked.

If only for the LOL's

SilentNegotiator2294d ago

*Reads Article*

I knew PSLS was up to more than what the title suggested.

What they're saying is fair enough. 3DS proved that the anecdote that "dedicated handheld gaming is doomed!" is baloney. And even if the Vita did completely fail (Not likely - dismal sales largely have to do with Monster Hunter releasing for 3DS very recently), it wouldn't prove that ridiculous suggestion.

gaffyh2293d ago

It seems that logic fails looking at LOGIVWINS' comment. Read the damn article.

GribbleGrunger2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

every time i come in these threads now it appears that even Sony fans have been brainwashed by the media. there is no problem and yet we get: 'a new monster hunter game could change things', 'a call of duty game would change things', as if the Vita's 'recovery' depends upon certain games. no it doesn't. just like EVERY Sony console, the games will sell steadily and the hardware will sell steadily. Vita will sell on tech alone for quite some time trust me and by years end all of this trash will be forgotten.

bottom line: MS want to convince the world that they are the most successful console manufacturer by touting America as the world, buying favours from the media and discrediting Sony and some folks even want to help for free.

Halochampian2293d ago


What does this have anything to do with MS?

inveni02293d ago

I know that I'm no longer buying one at launch for my son. Once I learned about proprietary memory, I decided that the Vita would be a 2012 Christmas gift. I'd rather buy a new system with used memory and used games (especially since the games can cost up to $50) than spend over $350 just to get started at launch. Plus, if sales are too stinky, they'll drop the price by Christmas 2012. So it's really a win/win. In the meantime, he gets an iPod touch. It's not exactly what he wants, but it'll tie him over, and "all his friends have one".

jeseth2293d ago

I think calling it VITA instead of PSP2 was a big mistake.

Name recognition is huge. PSP is a very recognizable brand and there is familiarity there. VITA sounds unfamiliar and many consumers don't want to invest $300+ dollars on somethuing that is "unknown".

We'll see. I have been impressed with it and may bite. The average consumer, I'm not so sure.

gamingdroid2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

The problem is that both time/money share from consumers are going towards smart phones so handheld market is shrinking.

Coupled with "amazing" sales for the 3DS and mediocre sales for the PS Vita, I think there will be some problems. If the public perceives the Vita as a failed product even if it isn't, it is doomed.

MS did that mistake with the Xbox 360 in Japan. They released it with too few games, and it was doomed dead before it had a chance i.e. there was no shortage, plenty of stock on hand at launch and low sales number. That perception is hard to shake off, and likely will carry into the next generation.

So the question is, can Sony pump up the PR machine?

As it stands, the 3DS is essentially half the price when you factor in the memory card requirement of the Vita.

kikizoo2293d ago

gamingdroid, ps vita sold more in few weeks than 360 in 4 years !, don't even compare, and if japanese don't buy more microsoft's console, it's not because of ms bad strategy, they use huge $ to win the market, it's just because japanese have a better product, and more and better games with ps3, and pay less than others to buy one.

"If the public perceives the Vita as a failed product even if it isn't, it is doomed. "

even if fanboyz and dumb blogs try hard, like for the ridiculous and pathetic "ps3 is doomed" days, the product is the best available, and sony always deliver for games, so they'll never failed with vita (but i agree, without the uggly propaganda, viral marketing, and stupids haters, vita, like ps3, should do even better)

Blogz4Fanboyz2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

i dont know what is more annoying: the xyz console/handheld is doomed blogs or the stupid wrote in defense fanboy blogs!

ffs, n4g, although never being a site of any merit or worth, just descends day by day into the sewer of web-sites!

what is worse, there is a plethora of leech sites that write rubbish especially for the hits they can get from the pretty pathetic community on n4g! and day by day the flock oblige!

no news, just blogs, top tens and an assortment of trash aimed at the faithful. the problem is, that the root cause is the community on here!

if i was a web-site owner, i would be churning out xbox and every other console hatred, and sony love articles by the day..... then throw in a few anti sony blogs now and again.

that, my web-site dwelling flock, is a sure fire way of boosting the hit counter massively. and you lot fall for it everytime.

just take playstationlifestyle. i would bet that 90% of their hits come from n4g. perhaps the author, who is no doubt around, could tel us

sikbeta2293d ago

IF Sony cared so much about Vita success, they should have secured Monster Hunter aka the PSP Savior in Japan, also IF they want their Portable to do well, why their Top Tier Developers never make games for Portables? Bend is the only First Party Dev who makes games whenever SCE wants a low budget spin-off for Vita/PSP, the day put the same effort on Portables, they'll see better results...

Bioshocking2293d ago

Bad timing.... or clever Nintendo scheme?

Personally I think the Vita will do much better here in the west. More of the games are geared towards the western audience... and the launch line up is probably one of the most robust ones I have ever seen for a handheld.

People have to stop jumping the bandwagon... the vita will do fine... give it time

Anarki2293d ago

There will never be an end to any product. Even the PSP was going strong with very few games and a shit load of piracy.


looks stupid again....grow up get a job and leave the bridge you live under

Autodidactdystopia2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I want Vita but the economy is too bad for me right now, just sold my gt racing wheel my nice monitor and my 100 deep collection of blu-rays just to pay the phone bill.

storys probably the same with others could explain it but you never know.

still got my pc tho, never sell that. too much of a loss its worth more to me than I could get out of it on craigslist.

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Sev2294d ago

Seriously, it's not even out in Western regions yet.

I think the general public aren't expecting the Vita to be as good as it is. It's much more impressive once you hold it.

Sony needs to do a lot more to show that it's not another PSP.

Colwyn2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

The vita is doomed to fail because its made by Sony. Even though its the best handheld device ever that is able to play games of this generation without compromise. It'll have over 100 million potential gamers ready to purchase it who have ps3 and xbox 360 but its doomed. Other than 3d and Mario titles, the vita has rendered the 3ds useless because it does everything it can but better. To each his own ,I'm a techie so I could never go back to playing the 3ds because I'm a hi def gamer who has been spoiled by this gen hi def consoles. Anyone who hates the vita either hates this gen console games or are idiotic fanboys. The vita is the future

morganfell2294d ago

Building a compendium of bookmarks for websites, articles, and posters proclaiming the doom of the Vita. It will come in handy later.

LOGICWINS2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

"Sony needs to do a lot more to show that it's not another PSP."

Correct. But heres the problem. Vita comes out next month.

If your asking people to make a $300-$350 investment in a portable gaming console(Vita, memory card, and a game), you can't wait till the last minute to start advertising because most consumers don't have $300 just lying around to spend on a gaming system on short notice...ESPECIALLY after the holiday season.

I'm not saying that Vita will fail(I think it will do very well when it drops to $200 and gets more public exposure) , but you'd have to be a moron not to see that the odds are against it.

-No Vita advertisements on AT&T's website

-$50 games

-Memory cards are required for bigger titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss

-Smartphones(yes as much as you want to pretend that they won't make a difference in Vita sales, they WILL. If a person is used to paying $1 for games, its HARD to convince them to pay $50 for a portable game.)

Dark_king2294d ago

Games sell game systems,and right now the Vita has very few games that sell in the Japanese market.So it goes without saying that its not going to sell that well in that market right now.
It really should have been released in EU,US with the release titles it lunched with.

MasterCornholio2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )


Your misinformed because you claim that all Vita games cost 50$ Do you even pay attention to the news? A while ago Capcom announced that Resident Evil Revelations would cost 50€. Anyways just to inform you Games for the Vita range from 0€ to 50€ with many Vita titles just costing 30€. This is due to the omission of a pricing structure.


rexbolt2293d ago

what does western sales have todo with anything? psp dident even do that great in the west compaired to japan were not talk aboiu japan dont worry about the wes right now

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damnyouretall2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

the way i feel is that handhelds are kinda a step back from the quality console games ive been playin for a few years with current tech. i want better games, not old tech

Wintersun6162293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

That's the price you pay with portability compared to a home console. Some Vita games look better than most PS3 launch games so it's not that bad IMO. But I wouldn't know if that's good enough for you or not because unlike you, I often play older games too.

damnyouretall2293d ago

youre right winter, i dont play older games cause i played the heck out of them years ago. the vita looks sharp for a handheld but im more lookin forward to the next gen consoles. so youre right its not for everyone

thorstein2293d ago

You're absolutely correct. And the article states: "3DS’ biggest week ever. 378,114 units were sold"

"Then the Vita launched to reasonable, but not spectacular, sales of 321K "

Well, which is it? Is moving over 320,000 units during one week of sales good or bad. And after three weeks the Vita now has a Japanese install base of 1/2 million.

Am I missing something?

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knifefight2294d ago

3 weeks determines your whole life! d000000med! :o

doctorstrange2294d ago

Sucked. I could hardly say a full sentence.

I'm doomed.

tiffac0082294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Someone had to change my underwear all the time, it was too embarrassing that it scared me for life.

I'm doooooommmmmmeeeddddd!!!

@belac09 (below)

Its not a negative article bro, in fact its telling people not to judge a device that's only been in the market for 3 weeks and released in a few Asian territories with only Japan being the biggest market.

D3stinySm4sher2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

"MvC3 is on every platform ever?"

Except for, oh, say...Wii, or 3DS, or PC...?
Street Fighter 4's on a lot more platforms than MvC3 is.
MvC's on TWO platforms. Soon to be three. Just saying.

BUT I think it's important that it's a previously released game in general. So is Modnation, in a manner of speaking.

3DS had a slow start but is gaining ground, I expect Vita will do the same.

rexbolt2293d ago

the 3ds wasent this slow lol and nor did the price drop by 17 and 20% on week three unofficaly becouse it was selling so bad

Gaetano2294d ago

Vita won't die out because it lives and dies by digital downloads, which are exceeding Sony's figures. At the end of the day this is a product that will consistently sell 70k-100k per week in Japan over its lifetime, which is similar to the PSP, which is still selling well. The one thing that hurt the PSP was software sales, which were never crash hot, even in Japan. Vita has the advantage because of the accessibility and affordability of PSP and Vita downloadable titles. Just as Apple has proved with mobile gaming and music, if you price the product competitively enough, people will choose it over piracy. Sony is adopting the iTunes/App Store strategy, and it'll benefit from it in the long run.

Oaklnd2294d ago

yikes, its just doomed huh