Guitar Hero 3 Wii version sells for $9,100!!!

A dad who bought his son Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii placed it on ebay after catching his "innocent little boy smoking pot in the backyard with 2 of his delinquent friends". As a punishment he placed it on ebay to share bonding time with his son while watching the Guitar Hero being auctioned off. Turns out, the seller received much more than he thought he would get, as the game sold for $9,100.

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ruibing3848d ago

He really should donate this money (minus the cost he paid of course) to some nonprofit organization to help bring smiles to some less fortunate kids this holiday.

Spartan153848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Yeah I agree, making a 9,000 profit is amazing, but he should definitely donate some of it.

Seraphim3848d ago

If anything donate a large portion to Child's Play by purchasing a bunch of games for kids in Children's Hospitals... but I agree, If the winning bidder ACTUALLY PAYS for the auction he should donate a nice portion of it to a good charity...

Bull5hifT3848d ago

But isnt CHUCKY a killer doll

hi im chucky,WANNA PLAY?

godofthunder103848d ago

who ever bough it was crazy,hell you could buy a wii for $200 and get someone to airbrush it and do the exact thing that he did for less then $300 so he final cost would've been around $500

AuburnTiger3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Wow man, could it be anymore obivous that you just want bubbles?

What the dad needs to do is buy more herb for the kid, so the dad can sell more sh!t on eBay.

Ice3848d ago

It's probly the kid and he just doesn't want it to get sold, so he got high stole someone else's account and then bid an outrageous amount of money on the game.

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Meus Renaissance3848d ago

The winner is from Australia. Are Wii games non-region locked?

Komrad3848d ago

you're that kooky rich aussie tycoon rupert murdoch!!

actas1233848d ago

Last year I sold my Acer laptop for 6000 dollars. Yes, believe it or not, 6 grands, I bought the laptop for 500 dollars.. I was so happy until I got an email from the buyer saying that he wants me to ship it to Nigeria (lol). I immediately knew that it was ascam I contacted eBay and Paypal and they confirmed that its a scam.... just to let you people know, eBay is a heaven for scammers, it won't be strange if the buyer of this game is just a scammer...

Blasphemy3848d ago

I doubt the person will even pay.

pwnsause3848d ago

not unless hes some rich dude. this is rediculous though.

Spartan153848d ago

I don't know because he has a 98% feedback, but, whatever...

DaEnforcer3848d ago

Crazy stuff in a crazy world

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The story is too old to be commented.