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Industry Blend: XCOM Reboot Or Star Wars: Battlefront 3?

After hearing the news about XCOM: Enemy Unknown being the big Game Informer reveal, were you excited about the game getting another turn-based strategy reboot or would you have preferred if the news was an announcement for Star Wars: Battlefront 3? (PC, PS3, Star Wars: Battlefront III, Xbox 360, XCOM, XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

iamnsuperman  +   926d ago
Battlefront 3 all the way. That and Timesplitters 4 are the two games I would love to exist and play
Snookies12  +   926d ago
Woot! Timesplitters 4!!! Man that game needs to be made, like right now... :\
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guitarded77  +   926d ago
Too bad Free Radical Design got sold out after Haze :( We should be playing both of those games already. The leaked footage of their SWBF3 was so epic... I still watch it sometimes and wonder what might have been. Hopefully the new blood at LucasArts put it back into development a year or so ago, and we'll see it soon. As for Timesplitters, I heard a very loose rumor that Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical) are still working on it... time will tell (no pun intended).
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Laxman  +   926d ago
It is being made! Crytek UK have already confirmed they are in fact in the early stages of making it for the next generation of gaming consoles.
LastDance  +   926d ago
im quite perplexed as to why Battlefront 3 doesn't exist right now
metsgaming  +   926d ago
I fear that bf3 would be ruined bc of them trying to cater to the cod crowd. If they do make it please be set up like the previous games. Just add a few modes but please keep the game set up intact. Plus dont dare remove local coop splitscreen
Laxman  +   926d ago
Yes, I would utterly HATE to see custom classes and an abundance of customisation. It needs to stay relatively similar to the other games, with a few game modes. Would be epic!
DeadlyFire  +   925d ago
Well they both exist as rumors.

BF 3 could be in the works at Rebellion, Spark Unlimited, Crytek UK, or some other developer. I just hope level of immersion can compare to say Battlefield 3 or greater. If not I won't be mad, but just would like to see.

Crytek UK have teased idea of TS 4 on purpose as a PR stunt I believe to pitch the game to a publisher. Hopefully someone not to evil accepted. I wouldn't doubt it being in the works somewhere.
Hufandpuf  +   926d ago
No contest, Battlefront 3.
Starbucks_Fan  +   926d ago
Who the hell would want XCOM over Battlefront 3?!?!
dedicatedtogamers  +   926d ago
Me, and everyone else who played PC games in the early '90s.

Battlefront is a PS2 game. It hasn't even been a full generation since the last Battlefront game came out. Battlefront is a great series, no doubt, but that's nothing compared to how long X-COM fans have had to wait for a proper entry in the series.
MysticStrummer  +   926d ago
I played PC games in the early 90s. Star Wars Battlefront 3 all day. From what I've read, you won't be getting a proper entry in the X-COM series with this reboot.
dedicatedtogamers  +   926d ago
The Firaxis reboot looks legitimate. It's the 2K Marin reboot that no one cares about.
STK026  +   926d ago
If I'm not mistaken, they said it would please old school gamers, I don't think Battlefront qualifies as an old school franchise. I'm not saying a SW BF3 game wouldn't be exciting, but there's nothing old school about it. I just don't see how people thought it would be Battlefront 3.
h311rais3r  +   926d ago
And how is bf3 not old school? What defines old school? 1 joystick and a single pixel going back and forth?
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   926d ago
Yes. That, and NES remakes. Even SNES and Genesis. That would be old school.

Sorry to those of you born in the mid to late 80's and 90's.
Naruto_Uzumaki  +   926d ago
h311rais3r Does go a point what is old school? i mean eventually the ps3/xbox360/wii one day will pass in the box of time... does old school necessary have to be something from the old old old generation?
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Krew_92  +   926d ago
I agree. Old school is different for everyone. If you were born with the NES, then NES is old school for you. However if you were born with the PS2, then now the PS2 will be old school for you.

Just like people who were born with the NES, that wasn't the first games console, and I don't see them considering or even talking about playing older consoles.

At least that's my take on it.
Chnswdchldrn  +   926d ago
Fuck battlefront, that game does not deserve as much respect as Xcom

Id trade 30 shitty games from lucasarts for another good Xcom
mynameisEvil  +   926d ago
You obviously never played Battlefront 1 and 2, then.

GTFO, Senor Uneducated in Gameplay.
vortis  +   926d ago
I can't disagree with him, though, because X-Com nearly had infinite replyability.

If I had to choose, I would go with a proper X-Com update with a larger variety of weapons, armor, research and consequences. But X-Com has always been one of my favorite games, something many new-school gamers don't really appreciate about the golden era.
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mynameisEvil  +   926d ago
I'm not going to disagree that X-COM was a good game with tons of replayability.

What pissed me off is his "Fuck battlefront" and calling it a "shitty game from lucasarts".

His attitude toward a very good game and its marvelous sequel is pretty disrespectful to Pandemic and LucasArts as the two games were huge marks of awesome for both companies.

RIP Pandemic.
aliengmr  +   925d ago
Battlefront 1 and 2 were good but far from great. And don't get me started on LucasArts. Want to know why there is no Battlefront 3? Its because LA was too busy putting out shitty games to bother with anything worth a damn.
soundslike  +   926d ago
Dumb question

I haven't played the original XCOM nor have most people who will be responding to this.

For all I know, I could enjoy XCOM more than Battlefront 3, but since I love me some Battlefront how can I say that?
vortis  +   926d ago
Dude, X-Com is available for dirt-cheap and can run on any PC made after 1992. There's really no reason not to at least give the game a try.

Personally, I think X-Com: Apocalypse probably has gameplay that will make it easier for new-school gamers to transition into playing the game, given that the original X-Com can be overwhelming for people who aren't used to having so much control in a video game.
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Naruto_Uzumaki  +   926d ago
I Was hoping For battlefront 3 heck i was expecting it to be there (sigh) oh well anyways i don't know XCOM But i am gonna look into it. it looks cool from what i seen...
RastafariPrime  +   926d ago
Battlefront 3 all the way.
Soldierone  +   926d ago
Lmao Battlefront 3 would have the internet break down because so many people would be excited.

I think it won't be done for a while simply because of that. Will it sell tons? Yes. But could it be another Duke Nukem Forever where people go crazy then soon realize it totally sucks ass? Yep.

Any studio that does it better do it well, otherwise the studio and the name will be crushed.
birdykilla  +   926d ago
I remember all my friends back in the day playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, and they said it was crazy awesome fun. Back then I was only a teenager, and was deep into Halo 2, the other Star Wars game KOTOR, and Morrowind. So needless to say I wasn't able to play Battlefront 2. I didn't figure that there could be two awesome Star Wars games on the market at the same time. Please make Battlefront 3 so I can enjoy what I missed all those years ago! Thanks in advance.
birdykilla  +   926d ago
Also off topic, but could a HD remake of The Warriors be made. Cause that game was a pure classic imo. make it happen! If not you could make another Warriors game all together and package it together with the old games.
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vortis  +   926d ago
Man you just reminded me why I loved the PS2/Xbox era so much.
Hufandpuf  +   926d ago
Agree if you remember how OP the jedi and sith were from BF1 and the only way you could kill them was knocking them off the walkway on Cloud City lol
xVeZx  +   926d ago
respawn is making star wars battlefront 3
thrasherv3  +   926d ago
There is in no way that so much awesomeness could fit in that sentence. Therefore it's not happening.
xVeZx  +   926d ago
yeah that would be pretty amazing...
Gamer-Z  +   926d ago
Dlacy13g  +   926d ago
Pointless question...game got announced not gonna change now. Personally i am happy xcom is getting a possible proper reboot... i say possibly because its possible it will be horrible.
sonicsidewinder  +   926d ago
Star Wars Battlefront was a hell of a game.

That said, X-com deserves a 'propper' modern remake using its own name.

People shouldn't feel upset about that.
they need to remake battlefront 3 before it's too late

like... duke nukem too late
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Mutley416  +   926d ago
battlefront has alot of loyal players out there...i know about 20 that would buy the game tonight!!!

a bunch of rocket whores...lol
Krew_92  +   926d ago
Hell at this point in time. I would have expected for us to be well into a few installments by now. If Battlefront games were coming out consistently, we would be in the 8th installment by now.
rello91  +   926d ago
battlefront 3 hopefully will be announced soon
Stansolo  +   926d ago
Never played xcom but I hope its everything that its fan base wants. I just hope that star wars fans like me get battlefront 3 soon because there's a big fan base out there ready to spend the hard earned cash.
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