The Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Trailer they tried to hide

The world premiere trailer from the Spike VGAs for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 went up on along with all the other videos, but after a negative response it was promptly removed. Fortunately, a copy was uploaded to another site and can still be viewed - see the trailer that (most likely by Ubisoft's bidding) tried to hide.

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Foliage3935d ago

It was a bit lame, but I'll approve it.

SuicidalTendencies3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

What was the negative response about? The trailer looked fine to me.

Edit: I see what their complaining about now. Do we really need to see the gameplay? Anyone who has played a Rainbow Six game knows what to expect.

hotzizzy3935d ago

The site that is linked here, Kotaku, and Xbox 360 Fanboy all seemed to think it wasn't that great and needed more actual gameplay, and many of the comments agreed. Here are the links to those posts:
I'm sure there are other too. And while that may not be the reason it was removed, it seems odd that out of all the Spike VGA trailers posted that was the only one removed.

Cysquatch3935d ago

That had to be the single worse trailer i've seen this year. I like how its 99.9999% T&A and .0001% gameplay. Glad they pulled it because it was garbage.

Meus Renaissance3935d ago

Lmao. That's all I have to say this

OOG FunK3935d ago

why the hell is this a thread its the same damn vid i watched yesterday on gametrailers.???wtf???

hotzizzy3935d ago

Because that video was removed, and if anyone wanted to see the trailer they would need to find it somewhere else - like this story. Also, it's interesting that the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 trailer was the only one removed from GameTrailers.

Komrad3935d ago

I expected a higher calibre from rainbow six vegas. Vegas 2 will rock tho.

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The story is too old to be commented.