Mass Effect Sold Over One Million Units, Halo 3 Over Five Million Units

Microsoft has confirmed to GameDaily BIZ that BioWare's critically acclaimed RPG is off to a red hot start with one million copies sold in less than three weeks.

"We've... seen a strong response to both Halo 3 sales with more than 5 million, and Mass Effect which has sold more than a million copies in less than three weeks," noted Bell, highlighting consumers' reaction to Microsoft's holiday push.


Update: the numbers are worldwide sales total.

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toughNAME3817d ago

I honestly didn't think this game would sell that well, even with the hype and amazing reviews

Although...I have no idea how GameDaily found this out first

***I'm one of those million :P

ry-guy3817d ago

It really doesn't matter HOW GameDaily found out. They confirmed it with Microsoft and this is proof that VG Chartz, with their initial releasing of numbers, is wrong. Drastically wrong in this case. With an average of 333,333 units the past 3 weeks, VG Chartz said that Mass Effect was selling horribly (~200,000 units the first week).

In fact, I went over to VG Chartz to see their "offical" number and it is 0.54 million screen capture attached just in case they decide to edit the number and say they never messed with it.

I have been saying it during the weeks when the PS3 outsold the 360 and I have been saying it when the 360 outsold the PS3. This website needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Aniperk3817d ago

Though im a ps lover i bought the collectors edition on this one. Thank god there are some people
in the west that still make sci-fi games for the fans. They deserve it.

Dr Pepper3817d ago

I definitely think it deserves it. The game was awesome (especially the story) and I can't wait for it to continue in Mass Effect 2.

Jack Bauer3817d ago

best game of the year imo... 1 million sold, well deserved.

BADBOYEK43817d ago

Like I said before I will say it again the XBOB360 FANS buy games.

3817d ago