ShackNews: Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Quick Impressions

Despite its strong PC heritage, Unreal Tournament 3 has become one of the more anticipated games in the PlayStation 3's holiday lineup, due to its vaguely exclusive status (the Xbox 360 version won't be out until some time next year, and may not feature user mod support like the PS3 version does).

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solar3905d ago

"Sensitivity and keyboard key mappings (but not mouse button mappings)"

oh are you f'ing kidding me? no mouse button mappings? wow, just wow. first time ive read that, wow. i might go crazy.

Skerj3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Mouse button mappings I'm not too worried about since I never use the 3,4,5 and 6th buttons on my mouse in games anyway. I'd have been pissed if you couldn't change KB settings though. "You can also download mods directly from the dedicated servers using them. " THAT'S what has me psyched, I'll see you guys on this week. PSN: SKeRJ, I got you already Solar.

solar3904d ago

right-o skerj. since ur the only person i got on my PSN i might be hitting ya up tonight if ur online. wooooooo! should be fun.

PSN: spraynard

Rice3905d ago

I will most likely use a mouse and a keyboard for this game.

ruibing3905d ago

I was planning to but since they slowed the game down so it works easier with a controller, I might just try and play it normally for once.

shrimpboat3905d ago

Ive never used a mouse and keyboard before but I am going to try it out. Im gonna get owned.

jackdoe3905d ago

Interesting preview. I think it will outsell the PC version for two reasons. No competition on the PS3 for this type of game and not a lot of PC owners can actually run the game.

jwatt3905d ago

This might not sell to well on the ps3, I went to preorder my copy at gamestop, I asked him is UT3 coming out tommarrow and they guy wasn't even sure. How are you unsure if a game like UT is coming out the next day, that means people weren't preording it. Plus I didn't see any box cover for the game. I haven't been watching too much t.v but I haven't even seen a commercial for it either.

All I know is I'm going to have my copy of the game and I think the multiplayer is going to be fun.

Pl4ybwoi3905d ago

there is an article on gamestop employees about what u just say, they work there but they really don't know what they are doing, u ask them something they answer u something else, u ask them for a game, they answer u "why u wanna buy that game?" get the point? if not, what i'm trying to say is, don't trust gamestop employees too much, just do your thing.

TheIneffableBob3905d ago

Actually, Unreal Tournament 3 is very well optimized. You can run it on a cheap $400 machine at very playable frame rates, albeit at low settings.

jackdoe3905d ago

But if you run it at low settings, you are pretty much playing UT 2k4 so there is no reason to buy this game.

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Young Capwn3905d ago

This game is gonna be fun as hell. I wanna buy it now..... but i dont know if my G/f is gonna buy it for me for christmas or not....

I dont know what to doo... maby ill buy The Orange Box for now..

rushbd3905d ago

some people do not realize what this game will do for PS3.

This game just ensures that all future Unreal Engine 3 games will be awesome on PS3. Like Gears optimized the UE3 for 360, UT3 does that for PS3. Only better(according to Mark Rein himself).

Expect future Unreal Engine 3 based games to have mod support on PS3 beside PC too !!

I cant wait to see some of those great makeover Mods working on my PS3.

I hope PSU will have a MOD page for UT3 like the themes !!!

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