Online games can expose children to racist bullies - TV news clip

As Christmas approaches and parents begin to succumb to their children's demands for the latest video games, there is a warning that online games can bring obscene bullying and racism into your home.

New Zealand's TV3 reports. The TV news clip includes reactions from a media regulatory body and Sony after being shown an appalling online voice recording.

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solar3904d ago

and the fear mongering continues all over the world....better not let oxygen into your house. it could contain carcinogens that cause cancer. ::rolleyes:: and if your actually getting bullied online...then might wanna cash in now. if you cant figure out how to get away from someone online then you truly are useless as a human.

again, parents get a free ride.

ktchong3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

A good portion of online racists are actually ADULTS.

Most of the rest - those racist children and teenagers online - have parents who are racists themselves. Racist parents are certainly not going to control their children or teach their children proper respect. The parents most likely encourage their children to be racist online (and in real world.)

So how do you deal with those adults and parents who are racist and hiding behind anonymity?

This will end up with some regulatory body stepping in and setting up new laws and regulations, and Microsoft/Sony will be required to take away the anonymity of offenders - that's the only way to deter online racism.

ravinash3903d ago

Remember you are working from a private company network owned by MS and Sony and your username is there for all to see.
Also playing games, everyone in the game will see and hear what is going on so Kids on line are a lot more protected than in chat rooms.
Its not perfect of course, but if you old enough to be able to connect to the online game in the first place, then you also know how to disconnect.
If Kids are too young to be able to handle them self online, then they shouldn't be on there, and its the parents responsibility to look after them, no one else’s.

skagrerrrr3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

use the headphones & mic

DrWan3904d ago

but just keep in mind that retaliation is not the way to go. they say one thing, you should just either mute them or ignore them. Are we so silly to think that discrimination do not exist? Children or not, this is reality, and I personally think a taste of reality won't hurt the children as long as the children are taught the correct way to respond to racist slurp. 1) report them to admin, and 2) mute them or even better, you can 3) educate them.

The worst you can do is to shout back at them with another racists term, then you have just became the same level of these low lives.

anyways, i truely think, a taste of reality won't hurt the kids. It's the correct parental guidance that we get that will help make our kids stronger. Maybe it's time you explain to your son where the N word came from and how a black person was force to give up a seat in a bus, and how that has changed over the past 100 years, and what is the best way to respond to Racism. If you sound confident enough and respond accordingly, there will be more than enough ppl online/chat that would condeem the nay-sayer than you think.

There is still hope in the world, but that comes with a taste of reality as well.

CaliGamer3903d ago

If you have to worry about your child being exposed to racism and profanity while playing online then chances are they shouldn't be online gaming in the first place.
Its the parents call and I notice that these days more and more parents are trying to adapt media and entertainment to their lifestyle and dictate to everyone what they think is appropriate because they have kids.
Kids will be exposed to some messed up things in life and the only way to get them through these experiences is to prepare them through good parenting. Get involved in your kids life and know what they are doing. Take responsibility as a parent and quit trying to mold society to what is convenient to you.

Noodlecup3903d ago

British and American gamers are the only racist players I've encountered and plenty of them (I'm British myself) everyone else has been normal, though this was on xbox 360, not enough people talk smack on PS3 for me to make a correct guess at how many idiots are on that

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