The 7 most defining features of 7th gen J-RPGs

With FF XIII-2 around the corner, it is time to reflect on the features and trends of recent RPGs from Japan : from "save anywhere" to "more challenge", the genre has rapidly evolved during the last two years.

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BlackFalcon2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I'm a bit lost on how the author calculated the current generation as the 7th.

If we count the Playstation 3/Xbox 360/Wii as the 7th, counting back would be:

7th: Wii/PS3/Xbox 360
6th: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox
5th: N64/Playstation
4th: SNES
3rd: NES

Then what would the 2nd and 1st be? Atari and...?

Is the author off or am I missing something?

khan_saab2109d ago

the first two generation consists of Atari consoles, the Atari 2600 and the second generation is the Atari 5200

Foxgod2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Its not the author that counted it, the current gen is officially the seventh.

The 3ds And the Vita marked the beginning of the 8th gen.

Godmars2902109d ago

Still, its consoles. JRPGs started on consoles on the NES.

You could, probably should, count PCs, but then that just means the NES represents th 2nd gen of JRPGs or RPGs proper.

Foxgod2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

They are discussing console gens here, not the gen that was first to rpg's.

Also, the atari had some basic rpg's, as well as the commodore, msx, and some other devices.

Nerdmaster2109d ago

The title is a bit misleading. It's about the JRPGs of the 7th generation of consoles, and not about "the 7th generation of JRPGs".

vuzuki2108d ago

I agree that the title is misleading and could have been better. However, you cannot count the generations differently for each game genre !

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Razongunz2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

atari = 2nd gen there was only 1 first gen console and that was brownbox or Magnavox Odyssey as its known in the public.

atari 2600 was a 2nd gen console

FinaLXiii2109d ago

Demon Souls added the best features.

vuzuki2108d ago

I agree although Dark souls went even further by taking away munching and MP. FF XIII, while it had some faults, added a lot of great features to the genre too.