"The Second Coming of the Wild West"...and in the form of a UT3 mod?

Warm Gun, a futuristic wild west shooter, combines the favorite motifs of the classic western genre with the scraps of an obliterated technocracy. The team behind this project are beginning development of this game while searching for more talented developers ranging from programmers to modelers. This game will be in the form a free downloadable mod for UT3 which, in that case, will enable this experience to be shared solely between PC and PS3 owners. This is one of the many projects to come which will be entering the Make Something Unreal contest. For more info on Warm Gun, as well as concepts of the characters to be seen in the game, check it all out through the link below.

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LinuxGuru3729d ago

= GREAT value and replayability.

Polluted3729d ago

Not much media available yet, but the concept sounds cool. Most of the team members seem to have lots of experience too, so this could turn out great.

BlackIceJoe3729d ago

This should be cool. I can't wait to play this mod.

Skerj3729d ago

It begins now, Sony needs to put the word out on UT3's mod capabilities. Once people find out that the game has infinite replayability the sales will skyrocket.

Polluted3729d ago

So Skerj...what do you have in the works for us?

Darkiewonder3729d ago

UT3 Mod? mmmm. Very nice.

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