Massive FAQ theft leaves authors, purchasers cheated

Rely on Horror - a massive theft of approximately 122 guides from GameFAQs have been put up for sale through for its Kindle e-reader and Kindle apps.

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zeal0us2206d ago

A big company like amazon couldn't do some background checks on these guides or at least something?

DaMa2206d ago

wow, thats just wrong..

VTKC2206d ago

that is lame! I am very suprised a company like Amazon would sink to such douche bag levels. Perhaps its a genuine careless mistake? I hope so.

gamingdroid2206d ago

I'm assuming this has nothing to do with other than the company not policing the "third party" sellers.

DarkSymbiote2206d ago

I got this from Absolute Steve on Facebook. Will GFAQs report and will Amazon do anything about this?

jeeves862206d ago

From the forums, it looks like Absolute Steve is going to act on behalf of all of the authors who had their work stolen.

No word yet on how successful the authors will be in getting any compensation for this, but the first step is just getting the stuff taken down.

Oldman1002206d ago

Here's hoping this Jay Stafford/Wallsburg Books is swiftly served internet justice like the Ocean Marketing tool bag.

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