Warner on HD DVD, Blu-ray: No changes in support for either format

Web forums were ablaze this morning (on Monday, December 10th, 2007) because of a controversial report by Rich Greenfield of Pali Research, saying in 2008 Warner Bros. would cease support of HD DVD and become Blu-ray only. Finding this suspicious, Don Lindich contacted Jim Noonan, Warner Bros. Senior Vice President and General Manager, for clarification. Lindich received a response almost immediately and the Warner Bros. VP's reply is as follows:

"Dear Mr. Lindich,

We have made no decision to change our present policy which is to produce in both HD DVD and Blu-ray."

[ Note: Don Lindich is a nationally syndicated columnist in the USA and creator of the "Digital Made Easy" book series. ]

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Blademask3786d ago

Can we stop with the "blogs" as news sources from now on? And wait for official releases.

This site is NEWS FOR GAMERS. not Rumors for gamers.

NEO_X3786d ago

The truth is there is no truth.
without a official conformation we got nothing zilch notta.
I'm not going to trust a blog sorry.
so as far as i'm concerned neither this or the info this morning have much relevance to me

godofthunder103785d ago

i'm not a fan of any one of them but if i was a buisness man it wouldn't be a hard decision.if i own a movie company like Warner Bros and my decision could win the war for one side i might pick hd dvd.
hd dvd and br both have 1080p and no matter what some people try to say br pic isn't better then hd dvd because the last time i checked 1080p was the same no matter what it's on.hd dvd is even releasing a 51gb disc and that's more space then we really need for movies,hell why do we talk about who have more space any way,they still release a movie on 2 disc like they do on regular dvd,i even read where one br fan(he didn't know what he was talking about)said that you could put a complete series on 1 br disc.he was trying to say that if a tv series lasted 6 years you could put it on just 1 br disc but you can't do that with hd dvd.i bet they have a lot of people that don't really know what's going on like him,they are just saying that br is better because it's sony and they have a's a few reason that i pick hd dvd if i was Warner Bros.

1-it's cheaper to make hd dvds so i'll make a bigger profit

2-when sony upgraded their br disc to do the same as hd dvd,the stand alone br players will not be able to play the new disc so we don't know if consumers will buy a new one and if they don't then br sells will fall.

3-hd dvd stand alone players are starting to sell well and people with the older players will still be able to play the 51gb disc so they want have to buy a new hd dvd player.

4-if i go to hd dvd then the majority of the other movies will start making both version so i want be taking a big chance.

so i know that br is selling more movies but hd dvd players are doing better then will upgrade br to do the same as hd dvd and the older br player want play them so they will have a lot of pissed off people that paid $600 to a $1000 for a stand alone br player and sony is making them obsolete is less then a year and a half after they came out just so they can do what hd dvd did from the bigging.
i can see how Warner Bros. could pick hd dvd even if br is selling more because a company don't just look at what's happing right now,they look at the future to and the sales of hd dvd players are not bad and sony might piss off a lot of people with their upgrade of the br disc.
i'm not saying that Warner Bros. will pick hd dvd and i'm not saying that if i was the president of Warner Bros i pick hd dvd,i still might pick br.what i'm trying to say is that picking hd dvd has it advantages over br and it really wouldn't be a bad choice.

ruibing3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I feel that the guy is biased in favor of HD-DVD. Even this blog entry only seems to refer to Warner's support of HD-DVD and then provides a link for "State of HD-DVD" that lists seems to only list the pros of HD-DVD.

ktchong3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

and that's why Warner Bros. VP personally replied to his inquiries.

You can try emailing Warner Bros. to get a response (assuming you had some big gun's email address in the first place,) and they would just ignore you if you're a nobody.

Jandre023786d ago

say they knew insiders as well? I would take the word of insiders before the word of the VP.

Saying "yes were going to go Blu-ray exclusive" before actually doing it is stupid. I dont expect it will happen this year though, but depending on how certain films sell this Christmas they may go exclusive next year.

And whoever from Warner said they were considering going exclusive soon, that doesn't just come out of thin air.

(Excuse me for not actually looking any of the sources up, im feeling lazy haha. But im sure if you look around N4G youll find it.)

gamesblow3786d ago

Well, Warner... I bought the Harry Potter box set on blu-ray. Just so you know. .. I'm buying order too. Since that doesn't come with the box set for some stupid ass reason as listed on Amazon now.

ruibing3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I bought the 300 and Casino Royale recently with the Amazon BOGO offer. I just wished they had the new Pixar movies on sale as well.

I like Harry Potter, too, the novels at least. Though it did turn a bit too dark in the end, it was a great read and did manage to capture the minds of a generation of readers.

Darkiewonder3786d ago

that's weird. the box sex for the DVD/Blu-ray/HD-DVD was suppose to contain the 5 movies O.o

Bnet3433786d ago

what a gigantic asswipe. LOL you like Harry Potter, what a loser.

LinuxGuru3785d ago

Harry Potter is a highly engrossing and very engaging set of fantastical stories that manages to capture the mind of anyone who chooses to read it.

I, for one, HAVE read the Harry Potter books, and seen the movies, and they keep getting better, and more dark, and as the characters mature there are more and more adult themes that are coming into the overall storyline.

Harry Potter is evolving along with the generation of teens that started reading it.

Needless to say, your stereotyping of Harry Potter enthusiasts is unfounded, and uncalled for.

Now would you kindly ( =P ) shut up?

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Bombomb3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

the real for mat will win in the end, not the most hyped and un-finalized one.

No im implying the format that have been ready from out the gates.

Jandre023786d ago

so your implying that there is a fake format? And honestly, I doubt HD DVD can actually win. Regardless of how many players they sell, they wont ever sell more than the PS3 missing 60% of HD titles.

And Blu-ray wont ever win either. This needs to end, so the winner can start advertising the next standard in home media.

actas1233786d ago

Wrong. If they switch to HD DVD this will hurt both Hollywood and us consumers because it will keep the two formats out there and keep us confused. If they switch to blue ray that shall end the format "war" and the confusion will be gone.

joevfx3786d ago

it doesnt matter if the VP said NO. do you really think he woudl say " yes we are switchign to blu ray" so some writter before any offical company announcment? gimme a break, you cant take anythign these corprate peopel say, whether its a yes or no untill an offical company announcment.

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