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Mass Effect Review - DailyGame (8.0/10)

"Had it finished cooking for another few months and released next summer, Mass Effect probably would have been one of the best games ever created. What we have now is very good, but it leaves us looking forward to their next offering rather than our next play-through with this chapter."

- Robert Dusseau

Score: 8.0 (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 8/10

ktchong  +   2447d ago
Selling over a million units in under a month pretty much makes all the reviews a moot point.
Blademask  +   2447d ago
To be fair..
which I always try to be..

What else was there for 360 owners to buy? Everyone that wanted halo, bought halo.. everyone is done with gears... Oblivion is selling expansion packs. Forza is releasing DLC for people whom already own it. No one is playing PGR4..

If you have played Mass Effect, you will surely notice that it is an unfinished product. Which has been released for top retail value. Yes its fun, but so is Dig Dug. Dig Dug doesn't have 1/2 the loading times either. Or you can do what teenage reviewers have done, and ignore all of the problems with Mass Effect and call it "a flawed gem" I'm sorry, is my 60.00 not worth a FINISHED PRODUCT. At the least, same applies to Assassins Creed.

I think when you have Idle hands with the 360, not having any real stellar games to go towards, 360 owners are inevitably going to BUY anything thats out. We are essentially beta testing thse games now, however paying TOP RETAIL for the privilege. This is BS, and its only going to continue.

For 60 dollars, I cant ignore the severe problems with ME, as a acclaimed "EPIC" title. If anything is epic, its the failure that Bioware hasn't learned how to create a streaming game. Perhaps they should call up the developers at Naughty Dog, they have it down packed.

I am not a desperate fanboy either, who is willing to ignore SEVERE problems in my 60 dollar purchases. Be it a game, or a Meal. If something is wrong, its wrong.

I think the 360 had a good run. Now its going to have to prove itself with a fully operational ps3. I own both systems, and there has been now competition for the 360 until now.

Its easy to show how good Gears of War looks compared to the PS2 and the WII, but if the ps3 keeps pushing out Uncharted's.. Well. Its sold as many 360's in one year WITHOUT games, anything to compete with PSN, and no game library.

That doesn't speak to highly of the 360 as far as sales records go. That says a game system, WITH NO GAMES, can sell JUST as well as one with games. No? I think competition will be a good thing for both 360 and PS3 owners.

Take DIVX for example. It took microsoft over 2 YEARS to get divx up and running on the 360, although crippled. (Since there is no 1 button COPY MOVIE solution like there is for the ps3) and it doesn't work with X,Y,Z. When Sony comes out with a fully working Divx/Xvid, MS will only have to follow suit.

Free UCG and media transportation is the way of the future, if Microsoft doesn't get it, they will be left behind.

I bought a 360 because there were NO PS3 games. Thats completely moot right now, the PS3 has well over 500 dollars in worthy purchases to consumers. Thats alot of money.. Yes the 360 has 200 games but only 12 are really worth playing, and out of those 12, only 4. Halo, Mass, Forza, and Gears are the exclusive "AAA" titles.

Microsoft is going to have to break alot of its rules to keep up with the PS3. Firstly, it definitely is going to have to make XBL a free service. Paying for PEER TO PEER is retarded, "But it includes movies blah blah blah" I netflix my movies, and they dont come to collect them in TWENTY FOUR HOURS. What am I paying for? Its not convienent to wait all day to download, and the quality is no where near over-the-air HD.

I think we are going to see tons of these stories in the future, but the main point is: The 360 has been out for almost three years, It SHOULD be selling a million copies because there are 12 million owners out there, with really.. no other games to play. If MS were to re-release pong, I guarantee you one million people would buy it as well. If you are done with the multiplats and the four titles I've mentioned, there really isn't much to BUY for the 360.

Its going to be very interesting to see if Microsoft will bend over to combat Sony. Or if they will stand firm with their BS bureaucracy and stealing every red cent from its customer base.

There it is.
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rootEXT  +   2447d ago
It is one of the best game ever created retard
richie007bond  +   2446d ago
What else was there for 360 owners to buy?LOL ur a complete FUD, What eles he says,are you for real, Xbox 360 has had more AAA titles than any other console in history in such a short space of time,i mean what video game store have you been visiting lately(cloud cuckoo land) by any chance lol
SkolarVisari  +   2446d ago
Root if Mass Effect is one of the best games every created that means that videogames as a whole must be a steaming pile of crap. Is Mass Effect a good game? Yes and no, the story is the strongest part of the game (As it should be.) but the gameplay isn't solid at all the character leveling is almost entirely pointless and a large portion of the "exploration" isn't even all that interesting since you just go to a good number of planets you can't land on, and even when you do land on worlds you are stuck triving around in the worst apc ever created. Mass Effect is really a bad rpg, and an incompetent third person shooter with a good story that manages to be interesting on the whole.

Richie I think what he means is what games came out at the same time as Mass Effect, that Mass Effect had to really compete with on the 360? I would say the only games worth mentioning in this case are COD4 and Assassin's Creed to a lesser extent, other than that I really don't think there was anything at all.
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tom1595  +   2444d ago
i really really enjoyed it. its one of the funnest and most grabbing games i;ve ever played. when i had to sacrifice kaiden or ash i actually felt quite bad when she died. and surely that means something.

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