TeamXbox Burnout Paradise 360 Demo Impressions:A Must-Download For Any Fan Of The Racing Genre.

TeamXbox's -Will Tuttle,December 5th, 2007

There is little left to be say about Criterion's Burnout franchise that hasn't already been said with the number nine; as in you'll rarely see one of their extreme racers scored anything less than stellar.

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LinuxGuru3902d ago

Why the hell this is in the PS3 section when it's a preview of the 360 version is slightly puzzling to me.

Polluted3902d ago

Well you make a good point, but it is supposed to be pretty much identical for both systems. The preview doesn't really focus on anything specific to the 360 version. That site does look awful green though...

LinuxGuru3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

still stands.


Your favorite movie is coming out on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, and you're waiting for a review of the movie, and you are always checking your favorite HD-DVD site for the impending review...

Then the following morning, there's the review!

But wait....

it's the Blu-ray review....

but that's ok, because the content is exactly the same, right?


"The preview doesn't really focus on anything specific to the 360 version"

Umm...they're previewing the 360 therefore I gather that all info given pertains to the Xbox 360.

BrianC62343902d ago

Burnout Paradise is going to be a great PS3 game. On the 360 it should be a decent port. You want the real game though get the PS3 version.

Polluted3902d ago

I'd say all the info pertains to Burnout. It's funny because if the preview was for a PC version instead of 360 we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

When I say "specific to the 360 version" I mean things like how it will work with Live or how it feels with the 360 controller. None of which was covered with any depth in the article. If you want to let the fact that an article is printed in a 360-only publication prevent you from learning more about a game you're looking forward to, go ahead. Most of us couldn't care less as the developers have already informed us about the differences between the two versions and they're very minor.

Also, that Blu-Ray/HD-DVD sh*t you're talking doesn't make any sense. Personally I always buy movies know...the movie itself, so it doesn't matter what format it's on. It's like if you found a review of 300 on some HD-DVD sight. If the review is strictly about the merits of the film and doesn't really get into specifics about what will be included in the HD-DVD version why should I, as a Blu-Ray owner, care where the review comes from?

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solar3902d ago

who knows with this site anymore :(

C_SoL3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

this game is gonna be great for 360 users & PS3 users. I'm just glad they didn't gimped the PS3 version. I know there's gonna be a comparsion still, but that doesn't matter cause it's gonna be the same fu<kin game no matter what fanboys say.

EDIT:ur head DOES NOT COMPUTE huh u fu<kin geek, well u obviously don't know who u talkin to. What fu<kin makes u think am a fanboy? I suggest u to go whack off to ur anime, then come back here and try to compute with ur fu<kin geeky brain. I'm guessin ur not putting it to use.

EDIT AGAIN:o, i see. ur a Xbox fanboy. That's the best u can do? Try again.....

Bnet3433902d ago

3 bubbles but no fanboy comment? DOES NOT COMPUTE *head asplodes*

OOG FunK3902d ago

yea people who tend to tell the truth and not try to win either side....lose bubbles since u know they dont suck arse to get them but yea games gonna be sweet cant wait to play it

BloodySinner3902d ago

If you saw this user's previous posts, you'd understand why he has 3 bubbles left.

Komrad3902d ago

I can't to download it this week!!!!!

Zhuk3902d ago

this is a great christmas present from Criterion and EA and is going to be one of the best demos yet

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