Uncharted gets 10/10 - 'the PS3 has truly landed'

Gameplayer has gone live with their review of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. While pointing out a few minor faults they still declare the game the console's first must-play experience.

"Indeed, you can throw any complaints about the PS3's game library out the door right now, as Uncharted is one of the finest titles a Sony platform has ever seen."

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Blademask3847d ago

Well written, good to see reviewers know what "minor" flaws are for once.

ruibing3847d ago

Though I don't like perfect scores, since it basically says the developers have reached their highest point and can only do the same thing or worse on their next release, it does tend to balance out some of the more unfair reviews I've seen.

I've been playing it on a friend's PS3 until I get back home to my own, and my only suggestion for the developers is to play some Syphon Filter. I really like the cover and shoot system. Though it does slow down the action, it makes aiming a lot easier.

gamesblow3847d ago

Hey, another perfect score... this is 28 9+ and counting that haven't been added to meta or rankings and it won't. Uncharted is brilliant and you idiots are missing out so bad.

This is probably a bigger catastrophy than people not buying Project BG&E or dismissing Atlantis because it was a licened IP or passing up ICO. All incredible games you people wanted no part of.

The industry is only as big as the games that actually break away from the norm. Uncharted takes this kick ass gameplay and throws you into a movie that you can play.

EZCheez3847d ago

Because i'm too lazy. Seriously though, this game deserves so much more attention than it got, and I can't for the life of me understand why.

I wish sometimes, just sometimes, people would forget about what console a game comes out on and realize it for what it truly is. Hate on my PS3 all you want, but it takes a fool to consider this game anything less than outstanding. I'd let Naughty Dog garnish my salary to pay for a sequel soon.

Hydrollex3847d ago

Landing was perfect because, the captain was Sony and his co-pilot was EXCLUSIVES

Says you3847d ago

The PS3 has hell I don't consider alot of the triple a games for the other console that breaks alot triple a considering there not if I made a $6 budget game and put the title of that crappy consoles name the XBox 360 fans would buy that right away sincing they would buy any thing thats terrible! and they say PS3 fans don't buy games well they do atleast they don't buy every piece of crapen game that is made and not really a triple a game.

solar3847d ago

um, huh? did i hear a niner in there?

PS3PCFTW3847d ago

its all about gamerpoints which u then use to buy ridiculously overpriced sh1t on friend was explaining it to me a while ago

xplosneer3847d ago

Umm, Gamerscore /=/ Microsoft points.

macalatus3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

@says you,

Dude, are you that Boomhauer guy from King of the Hill?!? LOL!!

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solar3847d ago

good for Drake's. after i get it back from my boss at work im gonna go thru again, hopefully get all the treasures and unlock Crushing :D oh, and get the rest of the awards.

games4fun3847d ago

hard the first time around and unlocked crushing i am currently at 93% on crushing.

It is a pain sometimes but after i get through a hard part im stunned at how awesome it was. I'll beat this game on crushing i'm almost there.

krik3847d ago

I'm going through Crushing too... it's freaking hard. Hope I can get through it. Oh well, going to play it right now. Later

DemiseofPandas3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I can honestly say the part after finding the plane in the 4th level is the hardest part you will come across in crushing, I don't know how many tries I had to go through it, but I beat crushing and have all 1000 points. What a great game indeed.

solar3847d ago

how does crushing become unlocked? sigh...

DemiseofPandas3847d ago

You have to beat Hard. Be sure to carry over your rewards and medals.

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